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Dynamic Balancing Center Franchise Opportunities

What is balancing? It is the elimination of the 3 most common types of imbalance of rotating parts.

  1. Static
  2. Momentary
  3. Dynamic

Vibrations cause the frequent breakdown of equipment and lifetime reduction as well as increase of maintenance costs and energy consumption up to 50%

The DBC is a franchise of the new generation that conforms to the Industry 4.0

Vibration Analysis & Dynamic Balancing visiting company:

  • The specialist arrives to a client’s location, makes vibration analysis of the equipment and we carry out balancing
  • The associate units of the head office are working independently, receiving centralized assistance and support
  • Due to well organized structures, the center is able to act

3 stages of development:

  1. Vibration Diagnostics & Dynamic Balancing
  2. Laser alignment & professional rank promotion
  3. Launching of the balancing workshop

First earnings in just 4-5 month.
One employee can be enough for a business model to function.
Workshop or office not required.

We work with an exclusive franchising partnership: 1 franchise on a city with a population of up to 500,000 people, as well as a master franchise

Dynamic Balancing Center franchise

Stage № 1
Vibration Diagnostics.

Based on the information received, it is possible to optimize the planning of maintenance and overhaul, increase the overhaul interval, reduce the cost of purchasing spare parts and consumables.

Lowest possible cost price of the business model:

  • workshop/office is not required
  • minimal staff

Vibration Diagnostics


  • Acceptance measurement
  • Machine motion analysis
  • Load measurement
  • Noise analysis
  • Vibration Control & Analysis

Dynamic balancing

  • balancing of rotors of any mass: from 0.5 to 36,000 kg

Lowest possible cost price of the business model:

  • workshop/office is not required
  • minimal staff

Stage № 2

Dynamic balancing

  • Dynamic balancing of the rotors
  • Profile's geometric measurements
  • Shafts' parallelism
  • Turbine alignment
  • Inspection & Deterioration Analysis

Laser alignment

  • is an accurate, intelligent centering system for rotating machinery.

Lowest possible cost price of the business model:

  • professional rank promotion
  • workshop/office is not required
  • minimal staff

Laser alignment method

Technology created taking into account the following principles:

  • Simple installation of measuring units
  • Simplicity of measurement and analysis of results

Assessing the condition of the machine by vibration on the bearing housing (using a vibration analyzer)

Checking of the bearing play and "soft foot" before alignment

Measurement & alignment in just 3 steps

Record the result of your work with the protocol

Laser alignment

  • Rotary shaft measurement
  • Rotary Machine Groups
  • Determination of thermal growth
  • Foundation movements
  • Machine movements
  • Cardan shafts

Stage № 3

Stationary workshop

Opens up unlimited possibilities for the production of services for the dynamic balancing of rotating bodies (rotors) of almost any size:

  • from the gyroscope to aircraft turbines

Production expansion:

  • workshop required (500 m²)
  • stationary equipment
  • staff increase

Oil & gas

Stationary workshop, goes beyond solving point problems and has the ability to master versatile directions in a wide variety of industries:

  • automobile
  • aircrafts
  • oil & gas

Types of equipment:

- balancing of:

  • gyroscopes
  • automobile turbines
  • motor anchors
  • and all small rotors

- balancing of different drive shafts

- balancing of:

  • medium and heavy rotors
  • industrial shafts
  • flywheels
  • crankshafts, etc.

What type of service you can offer to the clients:

  • Balancing and laser alignment of industrial equipment

Size of premises

For the first and second configuration of the franchise, premises are not needed. For the third - from 500 square meters. The bigger, the better.

How much does the Dynamic Balancing Center franchise cost?

Dynamic Balancing Center has a franchise fee $27,000.

Initial investments: $27,000 (Franchise fee)
Payback period: 6 months
Average turnover per month: $30,000
Royalties: 7% cash turnover
Franchise fees: $27,000

  • The use of the brand
  • 4-day course that includes course manual, quick reference guide, access to learning zone, lunches served
  • Portable type balancing device with two wireless "neuron" sensors for outcall services
  • Business management automating software pack that includes 1C Enterprise, UNF, amoCRM, ip-tel, UDS
  • Corporate uniform of the 1st specialist (full set)
  • All of the promotional materials for marketing
  • Support of a central call center and tender department

Other current payments: none

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Dynamic Balancing Center Franchise Advantages

  1. Obtaining the franchise.
    Earning from $5.500 per month by drafting a franchise partnership application and awaiting DBC approval.
  2. DBC provides partners with the following: website, regional customer base, professional equipment and business management tools.
  3. Getting started: operating dynamic balancing services - and, as a result, making a profit.
  4. The partner is still receiving support from DBC, in the form of business model development through the stages and the new customers search assistance.
  5. Effective business model for investment.
  6. Extremely low cost price of services.
  7. No need for a workshop/office in the initial stages.
  8. Employee education at:
    • Kazan Aviation Institute;
    • Kazan State Energy University.
    within 3 weeks
  9. Admission to enterprises.
    First level specialist's rank promotion.
    Names are entered in the Federal Register of vibration diagnostics specialists.
    after a year, retraining for a specialist of the 2nd level, qualifications: Expert.
  10. Practical classes in the workshops:
    • "Tatkardan";
    • LLC "Kinetika-M".
    as well as visits to the enterprises of the customers
  11. Regional Clients.
    Connection to the Federal telephone number.
    Federal web-site.
  12. Equipment industry 4..0
  13. Advice on conducting business and finding clients.
    Promotional materials:
    • pdf documents & presentations;
    • brochures & booklets;
    • and etc.
  14. Access to our tender department & call center.
  15. Business processes' automation:
    • 1C Enterprise;
    • UNF;
    • amoCRM;
    • ip-tel;
    • UDS.
  16. Branded specialist rig out.
  17. Templates of contracts & documents.
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