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ice cream is a comfort food. We can add that ice cream business is recession safe and people often eat ice cream to make themselves feel better. How about adding this message?

  • Elevate your business to unprecedented heights with our game-changing, vertically integrated model, offering unparalleled efficiency, reduced risks, and streamlined global distribution.
  • Limongelo's innovative technology simplifies operations, reducing the cost of starting an authentic Italian gelato shop by 90%, making it achievable for under $20,000.
  • Seize the Moment: Unleash the Future of Gelato with Limongelo – A Unique Opportunity Awaits!

Limited-Time Offer - Taste the Quality on Us:
Experience the unparalleled quality of Limongelo gelato firsthand. We're so confident in our product that we're offering free samples to potential partners. Taste the difference and understand why customers will keep coming back for more.


Join the Gelato Revolution:

Discover the thrill of bringing authentic Italian gelato to your community with Limongelo! Experience the superior quality of our gelato, featuring authentic creamy texture and rich natural flavors that factory-made ice cream simply can't match. Our innovative hydration process simplifies expansion into new markets, eliminating the need for costly refrigerated logistics and specialty training. Join us in widening the frozen dessert landscape with a product that was developed for this goal.

Replace the dull, melted or frost-bitten ice cream that is a week old with an always fresh batch of Gelato. Scrap the half empty tray with always full and eye-catching Limongelo flavor. Make your product stand out with the proper Italian presentation that sells itself. Our proprietary technology is pioneering The Global Expansion of Italian Gelato. It fits every strip mall, medium-traffic street, village, or small town square. Today we are bringing this established dessert to your market.

Limongelo Franchise

Exclusive Opportunity - Limited Licenses Available:
Be quick to secure your place in our global expansion drive of Italian Gelato. We're offering a limited number of licenses in each territory to maintain franchisee’s high market share in each region. This is your chance to corner a new lucrative niche in your local market before anyone else.

Transform Your Investment with Simple Operations:
Start your gelato business for under $20,000 and witness a rapid return on investment. Limongelo’s significantly lower capital need and high-profit margin model ensures freshness and reduces waste, making your venture not only profitable but environmentally friendly. Plus, with our AI-driven operations management system your business is a breeze, giving you insights to optimize every aspect of operations.


  • Low Capital Expense: Start your gelato business from under $20,000.
  • Higher Profit Margins: With a food cost of under 25%, no need for a chef, and using only two pieces of energy-efficient equipment, enjoy higher profits and faster ROI.
  • The Simplicity of Operations: Our preparation process is simple. Mix a single-flavor bag with a liter of water and freeze in a compact batch freezer for 15 minutes. Done! Need more of a single flavor? Just double the recipe. Sold out? Whip up more in minutes. Make it as needed.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Our solution is more eco-friendly—no need to refrigerate the ingredients or deal with the energy-hungry pasteurization process. Our compact powdered mix is stored at room temperature, and the entire concept produces minimal waste
  • Flexible Technical Requirements: Location is critical, and we have designed our units to work anywhere, even in locations with no water or electricity. A 5kW generator and an inexpensive autonomous water system stand between an empty ten square meters and a profitable business. Your perfect retail shop is now possible with Limongelo.


Harness the Power of AI:
Our advanced AI-driven system streamlines operations, predicts maintenance needs, optimizes inventory, analyzes customer behavior, and more. Whether you own one shop or an entire national franchise, all data is online, giving you a 360-degree view of your business anytime, anywhere.

Limongelo Franchise - Italian ice cream

Secure Your Global Opportunity:
With our fast-expanding concept, now is the time to claim your stake in the global gelato market. Enjoy the benefits of a low initial investment, high profitability from day one, and the chance to bring a beloved artisan product to your community.

Investment Breakdown:

License Fee: $3,000 for a single standard location.
Total Investment: Starting under $20,000.
Power consumption: As little as 5 kWt line or a generator.
Profit from Day One: High potential for realistic profitability from the very first month.

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Limongelo Gelato Italiano Franchise
Limongelo Gelato Italiano Franchise (2)
Limongelo Gelato Italiano Franchise (3)
Limongelo Gelato Italiano Franchise (4)

Experience the Quality:
Discover our top-notch Gelato for yourself. We provide free samples to prospective partners. Taste the remarkable quality and experience operational simplicity.


Be Part of Something Big - Act Now:
Limongelo is not just an investment; it's an opportunity to bring joy, taste, and innovation to your community. With limited regional licenses and a special offer on equipment, the time to start your gelato is now. Don't miss out on being a part of this exciting venture of innovation, fast growth and substantial returns.

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