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Description Of Southern Fried Chicken Franchise

Southern Fried Chicken is a UK-based franchise with a global presence, providing a varied menu featuring tasty fried chicken, chicken sandwiches, burgers, Piri-Piri chicken, and fries, all within a cozy and welcoming setting.

Franchise offer

Southern Fried Chicken offers potential franchisees the opportunity to join a growing family of restaurants offering increasingly popular chicken dishes. With an emphasis on fresh food, hearty portions, fast and friendly service, and a multi-choice menu that combines the most successful quick service restaurant products, adding up to great value for the consumer and an ideal opportunity for the franchisee.

For our signature dish of Southern Fried Chicken, fresh chicken portions are marinated to give flavour right through to the bone, then coated in an exclusive breading containing our secret blend of the finest herbs and spices before being pressure fried to perfection.

Franchise opportunities - Southern Fried Chicken


Average sales: vary considerably.
Monthly Sales: from £60,000 Customer.
Count: 400+ daily.
Food cost: 38%.
Labour cost: 22%.

Fastfood Franchises - Franchise Southern Fried Chicken


Stores vary in size but ideally are 80 to 150 m² in size, situated on the ground floor in a busy street with high foot traffic.

Provision will be required for ventilation, and 3-phase or gas.

How much does Southern Fried Chicken franchise cost?

Southern Fried Chicken has the franchise total initial investment range from £80,000.

Initial investments:

  • Kiosk ~ £80,000 - £120,000.
  • Food Court ~ £120,000 - £180,000.
  • Restaurant ~ £175,000 - £250,000.
  • Drive Through Restaurant ~ £280,000 - £300,000.

Payback period, avg.: 6-36 months.

Turnover per month, avg.: from £60,000.

Royalties: $780 per month.

Initial Franchise Fee:

  • From £15,000 - Single Unit
  • From £50,000 - Development
  • From £100,000 - Master Franchise (figures dependent on territory and size)

Prices may be subject to change due to currency fluctuation.

Best Franchise to Open - Southern Fried Chicken

Success Story

Southern Fried Chicken in Malta.

Keith and Marlene Psaila have been great examples of taking on board the ethos of Southern Fried Chicken by using a small investment in a small densely populated market, to generate big profits over a short time scale.

They began their journey in 2010 and since then have grown steadily opening 9 locations. They have taken hold of their business by identifying the need for local distribution, which has come in the form of their own importation business which feeds their numerous locations within the highly populated market. As a result of the growth they have experienced, they have taken on an area manager who assists with the day-to-day operations overseeing over fifty staff members. Keith is now actively seeking a newly planned 10th location which he has ambitions to open.

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Requirements for buying the franchise
  • Our potential partners will have access to sufficient funds to develop the agreed number of restaurants.
  • Our partners must have the man management, and financial management skills necessary to run the business, but whilst some experience in the restaurant business can be an advantage it is not a necessity.
  • The ability to recruit high-caliber individuals and to manage the finances of a multi-site business are prerequisites for developers or master franchisees.
  • Prospective franchisees will be required to complete an application form.
Requirements for the room
  • Stores vary in size but ideally are 80 to 150 m² in size, situated on the ground floor in a busy street with high foot traffic.
  • Provision will be required for ventilation and 3-phase or gas.
  • Prospective franchisees will be required to supply a drawing of the location, details of the local population, and footfall data so the location can be assessed.

Franchise advantages

Southern Fried Chicken has more than 50 years experience in the fast food industry. We offer a complete service including designing the restaurant and providing print ready files for the internal and external graphics.
Our marketing experts will work with the local team to create an opening marketing campaign commencing 4 weeks prior to opening and then maintaining the campaign to build customers numbers in the critical early days.

We will provide the core equipment, and branded ingredients. Our experienced engineers will assist with the installation and finally the area operations trainers will work on-site with the staff and management team to prepare everybody for the opening day and the following weeks.

Area operations trainers will be available to provide ongoing support either remotely or by regular visits. Our marketing team will provide additional support to ensure the business flourishes.

Southern Fried Chicken - Good Franchise Opportunities
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
    Kiosk / Food Court / Restaurant / Drive-Thru
  • Year company was founded:
  • Year of launching franchise:
  • Stores owned:
  • Corporate Address:
    Unit 1, Headley Park 9, Headley Road East, Woodley, Reading, Berkshire, England, RG5 4SQ
  • Countries of presence:
    More than 25 countries
  • Total stores:
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Southern Fried Chicken

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