Franchises with payback period up to 3 years

Two Brothers franchise
Two Brothers - Shoe Cleaning Services Franchise Investment from $29,000
Algorithmics franchise
Algorithmics - School of Programming and Mathematics Franchise Investment from $15,000
Baby Brain franchise
Baby Brain - Center for Additional Education Franchise Investment from $11,000
RAMEN IROHA franchise
RAMEN IROHA - Ramen shop franchise Investment from $45,000
BookingCat franchise
BookingCat - pet hotels chain franchise Investment from $4,530
trueVRsystems franchise
trueVRsystems - virtual reality entertainment centre franchise Investment from $300,000
Zoom'n'Joy franchise
Zoom'n'Joy - retail stores with optical equipment franchise Investment from $36,000
Mars-Tefo franchise
Mars-Tefo - educational amusement park franchise Investment from $652,030
PRIMEBEEF BAR - bar & grill chain franchise Investment from $59,380
Caviar franchise
Caviar - luxury phones and gifts studio franchise Investment from $314,000
Laziz Pizza franchise
Laziz Pizza - Restaurant Franchise Investment from $10,000
Prive7 Express franchise
Prive7 Express - beauty salons franchise Investment from $113,000
Unic-Um franchise
Unic-Um - cutting-edge game technologies for adults and kids franchise Investment from $5,000
Yellow Concept Store franchise
Yellow Concept Store - Multi-brand Cosmetic Shop Franchise Investment from $57,030
Crimean Rose franchise
Crimean Rose - Cosmetics Stores Franchise Investment from $9,500