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Ormado Kaffeehaus Franchise Opportunities

Ormado Kaffeehaus is an International coffee shop chain that combines unique technology, high-quality product, and a really special atmosphere for the rest and work.

Our coffee houses serve coffee of own roast, selected from the best regions of the world by our chef-barista. We have developed our own technology for the preparation of coffee drinks: espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, ormado kaffee. The project has existed since 2017, opened - 2 own coffee houses in Germany, 3 franchised coffee houses in Germany, Austria and Azerbaijan. All coffee houses work successfully and bring a steady profit.

Start your business together with us!

Become the owner of your own coffee shop of the international network Ormado Kaffeehaus.

International brand Ormado Kaffeehaus
Our partner receives the right to use the international brand Ormado Kaffeehaus with effective marketing support.

Financial model
For each partner, we calculate an individual financial model based on the economic conditions of the region and the location of the coffee shop. Before concluding a lease, we, together with a partner, evaluate the location and analyze the competitive environment. With the data obtained, we calculate as accurately as possible such indicators as: investment volume, monthly costs, payback period and income level.

Business automation
We connect our partners to our own Ormado Cashbox accounting system, which reflects all operational processes, helps with managerial accounting and quick problem solving.
The loyalty program for customers of the Ormado Kaffeehaus network allows you to increase the average check.

Training and knowledge base
When buying a franchise, our partner receives not only the brand, but also a huge knowledge base on the coffee business, consultations and trainings from the creator of the Ormado Kaffeehaus network. We also provide a special author's methodology of barista’s training for the effective work of the institution. The program includes: knowledge about coffee as a product, managing a coffee machine, preparing classic drinks and recipe drinks from the Ormado Kaffeehaus network.

Ormado Kaffeehaus - food

Franchise offer ormado Kaffeehaus

We suggest you to open the Ormado Kaffeehaus coffee shop and become a part of our successful team.

We present two proven formats so that each partner can find the most appropriate one.

Ormado Kaffeehaus formats

Coffee To Go
Location: central streets
Premises: 4-10 m²
Royalty: 5%
Payback: from 12 months
Investments: from €15,000
Franchise fee: €15,000
Net profit: from €2,500
What is included in the investments:
Coffee equipments: €8,200
Inventory: €4,000
Other equipments: €1,000
POS machine: €800
Signboard: €500
Others: €500

"Island” in a Mall or a Business Center
Location: malls or business centers
Premises: 20-40 m²
Payback: from 18 months
Investments:from €30,000
Franchise fee: €30,000
Net profit: from €3,350
What is included in the investments:
Coffee equipments: €8,200
Inventory: €10,000
Other equipments: €5,000
POS machine: €800
Signboard: €1,000
Others: €5,000

Full Format Coffee
Location: central streets or first lines of houses
Premises: 40-150 m²
Royalty: 5%
Payback: from 24 months
Invesments: from €50,000
Franchise fee: €40,000
Net profit: €3,750
What is included in the investments:
Coffee equipments: €8,200
Inventory: €20,000
Other equipments: €9,100
POS machine: €1,200
Signboard: €1,500
Others: €10,000

Ormado Kaffeehaus - coffee

How much does the Ormado Kaffeehaus franchise cost?

Ormado Kaffeehaus has a franchise fee ranges from €7,500 to €25,000, with a total initial investment from €15,000.

Initial investments: from €15,000

  • Rental of premises;
  • Building construction;
  • Fabrication of structures;
  • Redecorating;
  • Coffee equipment;
  • Equipment for the preparation of products;
  • Equipment for guests’ payments;
  • Inventory for the manufacture of products;
  • Materials for products;
  • Production order;
  • Marketing materials.

Payback period: from 12 months
Royalties: 5%
Franchise fees: from €7,500 - €25,000

  1. Work under the International brand Ormado Kaffeehaus;
  2. Special prices for the supply of original Ormado Kaffeehaus coffee;
  3. Brand book and corporate identity of Ormado Kaffeehaus coffee shop chain;
  4. Recommendations on the selection of premises for a coffee shop;
  5. Assessment of the selected location to determine the prospects and effectiveness of the coffee shop;
  6. Instructions and checklists for the repair of premises, construction and installation of structures;
  7. Technical plan for the placement of commercial equipment and furniture;
  8. Recommendations on the selection of basic coffee equipment and equipment for the preparation of products;
  9. Technological maps for the preparation of drinks and desserts;
  10. Access to own automated accounting system;
  11. The knowledge base, which includes materials: staff training, marketing, sales technologies;
  12. Management guide of Ormado Kaffeehaus;
  13. Connection to the loyalty program;
  14. Full access to market materials of the Ormado Kaffeehaus network;
  15. Announcement of information on the opening of a new partner on the main site of Ormado Kaffeehaus and in all social networks;
  16. Media plan for the promotion of a coffee shop.

Other current payments: none

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Ormado Kaffeehaus franchise business model

Average bill:
Number of items on the check: 2
The average number of checks on weekdays: 85
The average number of checks on the weekend: 120

Ormado Kaffeehaus - drinks
Requirements for ormado kaffeehaus franchise buyers
  • Availability of the required investments;
  • The presence of leadership qualities and focus on results;
  • No need in experience in catering business management;
  • The desire to work and grow together with the international team of the Ormado Kaffeehaus network.
Ormado kaffeehaus cafe requirements
  • Area from 15 m²;
  • 1st line of street retail, an island in a business center or shopping center;
  • High traffic;
  • Electricity from 10 kW;
  • Preferred water supply.
Ormado Kaffehaus - cafe
Ormado Kaffehaus - service

Advantages of Ormado Kaffeehaus franchise

  • Ready-made concept with a single corporate identity and standards;
  • We use our own roasted coffee, which we selected from the best regions of the world;
  • We work with the Italian professional equipment Royal Synchro;
  • Integrated system of automation of a network of coffee houses Ormado Kaffeehaus;
  • Ready-made loyalty program for customers in a mobile application;
  • Mobile management to support operations;
  • A cozy, friendly atmosphere in every coffee shop in our Ormado Kaffeehaus chain;
  • Training a partner in the basics of managing the coffee business, the possibility of internships at the existing Ormado Kaffeehaus coffee shop;
  • Training and certification programs for personnel;
  • Partner support by brand founder Ormado Kaffeehaus.
  • Starting investments from:
    On demand
  • Company type:
    Сoffee shop
  • Year company was founded
  • Year of launching franchise
  • Franchised companies
  • Owned companies
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