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Franchise portal marketplace in TopFranchise franchising market.

TopFranchise company was founded and is being managed by the specialists in franchising with more than 12 years of appropriate experience in the markets of Kazakhstan, CIS, the USA, Europe and South-Eastern Asia. portal is a leading website in CIS, taking into consideration the number of franchise offers placed on it and its website visitors.

We offer to launch portal marketplace in the franchising market in your country in the shortest possible time.

Your main customers will be

  • Companies willing to SELL their franchise.
  • Companies willing to SET UP their franchise.
  • Banks advertising their services for businessman.
  • Companies willing to promote their products and services in B2B segment.
  • People who'd like to BUY a franchise.
Franchise of TopFranchise Portal

TopFranchise portal frachising offer

We encourage you to launch portal marketplace in the franchising market in your country under the brand name TopFranchise. We ensure the successful launch of the portal in the country, will provide traffic and teach you how to do business in your market effectively. Join a strong international company and become a part of it!

Franchise of TopFranchise Portal

Investments required for establishing TopFranchise business

Initial investments: $100,000

Initial investments for buying master franchise for the whole country includes:

  • A website with 50 companies ready to sell your franchise in your country;
  • Customized SEO optimization;
  • The instruction on doing business, on selling advertising place on the portal for all types of customers.

Payback period: from 15 months
Average monthly turnover: from $32,400
Royalty: 3%
Franchise fee: on request
Other current expenses: none.

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Franchise for Sale - TopFranchise Portal
Franchise opportunities - TopFranchise Portal

Requirements for buying the franchise:
  • Availability of the necessary funds.
  • Experience in doing business.
  • Sociability, willingness to work in the franchising market.
  • Experience in Internet marketing is not needed.
Requirements for the office
  • Small office with a meeting room.
Shop format
  • Internet franchise portal marketplace.
  • Starting investments from:
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