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Description of Start franchise of coworking spaces network

About a company

The network of coworking spaces START is an up-to-date space with fully equipped workplaces, and services which facilitate business development, provide immersion into a comfortable and inspiring work environment with unique opportunities for:

  • Networking, exchanging ideas and development of projects
  • Access to educational programs
  • Development of innovative projects
  • Building an entrepreneurial community

In 2016, the biggest network of coworking spaces in Russia, START was founded with 15 locations in 15 cities.

  • + 200 speakers
  • + 1000 residents
  • + 70 events a month
  • + 8000 sqm

The development of START network of coworking spaces

2016 year
  • The first 5 locations were established in Moscow region (the occupancy rate is 85 - 90%)
  • Marketing and selling tools and IT infrastructure were developed
  • Quality standards and the full package of services were identified and implemented
  • The team of the managing company was built
2017 year
  • 15 locations in Moscow region
2018 year
  • 22 locations in Moscow, Moscow region
  • 6 new locations and space expansion
  • New services in the coworking space area
  • Coffee to go, food vending machines
  • Educational center for kids (robotics, speed reading, mental arithmetic, English)
  • Educational services (together with the University of Sinergiya)

The Structure of START Coworking Space

  • Education for kids
  • Networking
  • Social elevator
  • Educational programs
  • Internet platform
  • Innovative projects
  • Lounge zone
  • Kitchen
  • Legal and accounting services
  • Services
  • Space
  • Meeting room, Conference room
  • Bank support
  • Administrative support
  • Workplaces, mini-offices

franchise START
START the biggest network of coworking spaces franchise
franchise opportunities - START
franchise for sale - START

Coworking clients

Our clients are freelancers, startup owners, small and medium entrepreneurs and the representatives of big corporations for landing small project groups.

According to the forecast of business analysts, 20% of employees of Russian companies will work remotely by 2020
(RBC Technologies and Media).

best franchise to open - START

Advantages of START coworking spaces network

Management of real estate objects from 500 sqm with the result of fast occupancy and as a consequence, a high level of payback in each location of the network.

  • Building of a business community
  • Accelerating programs for business
  • Services for small and medium business

Why do you need START coworking spaces network franchise?

  • Fast growth of network
  • Fast occupancy
  • Low risks
  • Products and services approved in 15 locations
  • Low market volatility
  • Cooperation with business development institutions and authorities
    (Moscow Region Government, Skolkovo, SME Corporation, Synergiya, PJSC Sberbank)

Requirements for a franchise

To create coworking space, you need 500 sqm area which will be occupied by

  • Mini-offices
  • Working places in Open space
  • Conference halls
  • Meeting rooms
  • Kitchen and lounge zone

Flexible payment system (different kinds of subscriptions) allows monetization of every meter of space.

Our offer is for:

TC and BC owners

  • Capitalization of the real estate
  • Solving the problem of idle space
  • Increase in occupancy (SC and BC)
  • Profitability of the business is from 30%

Experienced Entrepreneurs

  • Business on a thriving market
  • Low rental rate for sqm
  • Easy business management
  • Break-even yield of coworking from 4 months of operation
  • Building a business community in your city
START - successful franchise business

How much does START franchise cost?

START has the franchise fee of up to $15,100, with total initial investment of up to $76,000.

Initial investments: $76,100

  • Layout design of the space, repair
  • Office equipment
  • Electric appliances
  • Furniture and equipment
  • Video surveillance, fire safety
  • Advertising budget before the opening

Payback period: 18 months
Average monthly turnover: from $9,200
Royalty: 5 %
Franchise fee: $15,100

On the opening stage:

  • Advice on choosing the premises
  • Layout design taking into consideration the technical characteristics of the premises
  • Brand book and financial model
  • Detailed instructions for starting and running a business
  • A complete set of agreements and standards for the activities of coworking space


  • Own training center
  • Internship in an inactive coworking
  • Staff Schedule
  • Job descriptions
  • Operational standards


  • Assistance in pricing and rate design
  • List of suppliers
  • Scripts of communication with customers
  • Software implementation
  • Marketing strategy and advertising campaign
  • Assistance in attracting residents before the opening
  • Setting tools for attracting clients and training on working with them
  • Mock-ups of promotional materials
  • Connection to the general call center
  • Contracts with our partners (banks, legal and accounting agencies)

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Business plan

Possible income is from $9,200 a month
The space of 500 sqm can be occupied with 67 working places (mini offices and open space) an average area for a working place is 6 - 7 sqm
Conference halls and meeting rooms are available for hourly rental.

Average price:
Open space from $92 a month
Mini office - $122 a month
Meeting room- from $7 an hour
Conference hall: $31

Expenses are not more than 40% of the turnover. The expenses can be higher if the space is not owned.

Space format:
  • Shopping center, business center, municipal and administrative premises, bank premises, former industrial premises, lofts.
Requirements for buying a franchise start:
  • Availability of the necessary funds
  • Own space in TC, BC
  • Experience in running a business
  • Willingness to take part in operational franchise activities
Requirements for premises:
  • Area from 500 sqm
  • Developed infrastructure around the premises (good access roads, central location, points of attraction)
  • Availability of facilities (water, electricity)
  • Number of storeys: 1 floor and higher

Advantages for clients

We create more than just pretty office spaces. We build a society and become a center of business and creative activities in the city. So far we have:

franchise for sale - START

The residents prefer START to others for the following reasons:

p1.jpg Working places in the office
Quiet working environment helps to focus on the achievement of strategic goals

p2.jpg Up-to-date mini offices
Every mini office is equipped with comfortable office furniture and ready for comfortable work.

p3.jpg Business services
Quick internet connection, opening account in a bank, free 8 800 number, registration of the legal entity, discounts on software, fitness, barbershop, and food delivery services.

p4.jpg Multifunctional devices
Multifunctional devices allow you to copy, scan or print documents.

p5.jpg Meeting rooms and conference halls
With all the equipment for successful presentations, meetings, and events.

p6.jpg Kitchen:
Free tea, coffee, cookies

p7.jpg Friendly staffs:
The receptionist meets visitors, monitors work in coworking and is responsible for providing consumables.

p8.jpg Educational programs:
Residents can get useful knowledge from top experienced speakers.

p9.jpg Lounge zone:
Lounge zone with comfortable sofas, puffs, wireless charging, a bar, and a small library.

Information provided:
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