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Zoom'n'Joy store chain specializes on selling optical equipment – telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, magnifiers.

For the last few years, the optical equipment market has been growing by 30–50% per year, and we find it necessary to expand our store chain.

We offer you the opportunity to join our company and conduct business together. You can open your own Zoom'n'Joy retail store of optical instruments in your area. Once you open a Zoom'n'Joy retail store, you will use the support and experience of a strong partner, centralized supply and advertising support – advantages that significantly reduce risks, especially at the beginning, and will allow you to build a reliable and profitable business.

We launched Zoom'n'Joy franchise in 2017 and already have a network of 5 franchise partners in Europe.

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Franchise offer

  1. The rights to use the Zoom’n’Joy trademark in retail.
  2. Centralized advertising support of your retail store as part of the Zoom’n’Joy store chain.
  3. Supply of advertising materials, user guides and reference information.
  4. Partial compensation of advertising expenses of your store.
  5. Referring customers from your city (area) to your store.
  6. Regular supplies of the complete range of optical equipment and accessories at special prices and on special terms, including deferred payment.
  7. Training shop assistants: teaching them sales technique and product features knowledge.
  8. Support in business processes development.
  9. Store design development, recommendations on product display; POS materials supply.
  10. Support in development of your local retail store website and e-commerce.
  11. No franchise fee or royalty fee.

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How much does Zoom'n'Joy franchise cost?

Zoom'n'Joy has the total initial investment of up to $36,000.

Initial investments: $36,000

  • Purchase of the necessary products minimum.
  • In-store equipment and store design.

Payback period: 12 months
Average turnover per month: $8,000
Royalties: none
Franchise fees: none
Other current payments: rental of the retail area


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Success story

Zoom'n'Joy store chain was launched in 2017. In May we opened 4 own retail stores in Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. During the first year of business 5 Zoom'n'Joy stores were franchised.

Requirements to buy franchise
  • Retail area: property owned or leased over an extended period. Recommended area is 30 – 60 sq.m.
  • Financial assets in the amount of 30000 euros that will be spent on primary stock, in-store equipment and store design.

Franchise advantages

  • No franchise fee or royalty fee.
  • Our low purchase prices will allow you to realize from 50% to 185% extra.
  • Regular supplies of the complete range of optical equipment and accessories at special prices and on special terms, including deferred payment.
  • Centralized advertising support of your retail store.
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