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Chatime franchise is considered sensational because of our Proven Success Model, Popular and Recognizable Brand, innovative Menu and Offerings, Training and Support, Global Network, Marketing and Branding,Quality Ingredients and Standards, and Adaptability to Local Markets.

Chatime, established in Taiwan in 2005, is a global teahouse chain specializing in bubble tea. With a diverse menu of tea-based beverages, including customizable options for sweetness and toppings, Chatime has expanded its presence worldwide, adapting to local preferences while maintaining its signature chewy tapioca pearls. The brand is known for its modern and inviting atmosphere, offering a comfortable space for customers to enjoy innovative and freshly brewed teas. Chatime franchises provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to join the popular bubble tea trend and benefit from the brand's international recognition and established name. For the latest details on franchise opportunities and offerings, it's recommended to check with Chatime directly.

Chatime is known for offering a diverse menu of tea-based beverages with a variety of flavors and customizable options. The franchise typically provides a modern and vibrant ambiance in its outlets, creating a comfortable space for customers to enjoy their drinks. The brand emphasizes high-quality tea leaves and ingredients, ensuring a refreshing and flavorful experience for its customers.

Number of franchisees

Over 63 countries/regions and 6 continents, 2500 stores.

Chatime - Strict product quality control


As a tenured brand, Chatime fostered into a strong bubble tea brand with the following business advantages:

  1. A Globalized Enterprise, with stores in over 62 countries/regions.
  2. A fully-established Franchise Support: Store Planning & Development, Operations Training, Product Innovation, Marketing and Branding, to Supply Chain.
  3. Management with a strong supply chain capabilities: Chatime has its very own tea farm and the largest tapioca factory in the world, which provide supply stability.
  4. A robust brand images: Tea-lab, IP Licensing, Chatime Communi-Tea, My First Chatime, Tea-Rista, Running Event, and Fast-paced Product innovation.
  5. Efficient Product Quality Control: SGS, HALAL certificate, Rainforest Alliance Certificate, and Traceable Agricultural product certification or TAP.

A comprehensive training program will get you up to speed when you join our Chatime family. A 3- week on-the-job training, brand orientation, including time spent at Chatime headquarters & on-site opening team support will be provided. Special courses are also available for partners such as Local store marketing training, basic management training and other skills that a market or franchisee may require. At anytime, franchiees can also access different learning materials, such as the operations manual, videos, and other training materials through the brand asset library.

Chatime - Ground-breaking product innovation

How much does the Chatime franchise cost?

Chatime has a franchise fee ranges from $150,000, with a total initial investment from $150,000.

Initial Investment: Investment Estimate: Master (at least 1,000,000 USD; Multi-Unit at 500,000 USD; Single store at 150,000 USD).
Payback period: 18-24 months
Average turnover per month: $35,000~$40,000
Royalties: 5.5% _(Marketing fee included)_for 5 years term
Franchise fees: 150,000~300,000_(master franchise)_ USD
Other current payments: Rental, Labor, Utilities, Insurance_and so on. Depending on the local economy.

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The total franchise fee is USD 150,000~400,000_(master franchise). The margin of franchise with Chatime depends on the location you’re looking to franchise. It is very difficult to indicate an average or approximate margin as there are too many variables to be consider.

Chatime - Sustainable practises


An ideal candidate should meet our investment and capitalization criteria with the capacity to open at least 50 stores, depends on the area of coverage, and grow the brand with a strong business structure to support its day-to-day operations such as operations, training, marketing and human resources. The potential partner must have at least moderate risk tolerance with full understanding of the retail landscape, customer behavior & preference, market potential and challenges of the F&B industry. Experience in running F&B business is preferred but not mandatory.


Chatime, a global bubble tea franchise, offers several advantages for potential franchisees:

  • Brand Recognition: Well-established and recognized globally.
  • Diverse Menu: A wide range of high-quality bubble tea options.
  • Quality Ingredients: Commitment to using fresh and premium ingredients.
  • Innovation: Regular introduction of new and trendy beverages.
  • Training and Support: Franchisees receive training, operational support, and marketing assistance.
  • Collective Marketing: Benefit from collective marketing efforts and brand promotions.
  • Proven Business Model: A successful and proven franchise model.
Chatime - Training package


We have included a list of countries/regions that you may be targeting for development and you can select from them. At minimum the list should include countries/regions listed in the TopFranchise Marketing & Representation agreement and your priority countries/regions for development within the next 12-24 months.

Brazil, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Argentina, Austria, Demark, Singapore, Uzbekistan , Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan , Saudi Arabia, Romania, Brunei, Georgia, Switzerland.

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  • Company type:
    Retail outlet
  • Year company was founded:
  • Year of launching franchise:
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