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MEITO - time to feel good, where ideas bubble into mouth-watering yumminess as you socialize, recharge and refresh. Get popping our signature Bubble Tea, a stunning combo of low-cal tradition (tea base) and 21st century cool (fun flavours with a choice of popping bobas or jelly toppings).

Along with our famous Bubble Tea, get sociable with our ultimate fuel food, from big-hearted burgers and sandwiches over salads to dainty, tasty bites and cheeky desserts.

MEITO franchise
A 21st century cool, fun-infused cafe offering endless variety of low-cal Bubble Tea with a choice of mouth-watering popping bobas or jelly topping along with coffee-specialities, signature pancakes and waffles, freshly made snacks, sandwiches, smoothie bowls, salads and much more... #meitodrawsyouasmile

MEITO - your home away from home - fun-infused dink experiences, quality, light food and bubbling company Welcome to love and awesomeness!
Welcome to MEITO!

MEITO is available as 4 different Concepts. MEITO’s Double Decker, MEITO’s Mobile, MEITO’s Express as well MEITO’s Eatery.

MEITO franchise

Be part of the MEITO family, and join the party.
First there was an idea. Then the idea bubbled into a business. We are looking for business partners to help build the MEITO brand together. When you join the MEITO community, you join the MEITO family, with our values of honesty, fun and fairness.

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How MEITO supports you?

Working together and succeeding together.
From identifying the best location for your new store to making sure your customers love it once it’s open, we provide the support you need to make your business a financial success.

We offer a full turn-key franchise support package. Learn and launch in your own country/area quickly and with confidence.

  • Local market survey and recommendations
  • Best location selection
  • Feasibility study to make sure it’s right
  • Two week training for franchise partners and key management staff
  • Internal design and specifications to create that magical home from home
  • Supply of operating equipment, including all MEITO technology, materials, uniforms and merchandising
  • Technical maintenance
  • 24/7 technical online assistance
  • Pre and post-launch training (including training manual)
  • Awesome store publicity through out international advertising program
  • Marketing plans for super cool local and regional campaigns
  • Regular visits and technical assistance from specialized MEITO staff

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Get ready for a mouth-wateringly tasty business investment!

Discover the advantages of the MEITO franchise program TODAY! Apply now!

Meito franchise advantages


  • Use of 100% organic tea leaves for our signature Bubble Tea drinks
  • Over 6.6 million awesome combinations of our signature Bubble Tea drinks
  • Passion for consistently awesome drinks and food
  • Fully customizable and calorie-conscious menu, creating a sustainable customer database
  • Proven franchise model with wide-ranging venue possibilities e.g. college campuses, airports, food truck parks, downtown and suburban locations
best franchise to own - MEITO Franchise

Size of MEITO stores

MEITO stores are scalable and subject to the store model.

Concept Average Store Size
MEITO’s Double Decker London Double Decker Bus – average 12 m length x 3 m width
MEITO Express Kiosk: 4x4 m
Store: 20 – 50 sqm
MEITO Eatery 80 – 200 sqm
MEITO’s Mobile Mobile Truck – average 4 m length x 3 m width

MEITO franchise offer

  • Multi Unit – a multi-unit franchisees purchase the rights to use MEITO trade name and marks, the right to use the know-how and business systems through training programs, provision of initial franchise support package and operating manuals and the right to offer MEITO products and services in the territory. A Multi-unit franchisee develop, own and operate more than one outlet within a defined territory.
  • Master Franchising – in a master franchise scenario, the franchisee purchases the rights to use MEITO trade name and marks, the right to use the know-how and business systems through training programs, provision of initial franchise support package and operating manuals and the right to offer MEITO products & services in the franchised territory. The master franchisee develops and owns an exclusive area development territory, and then sells portions of this territory to new sub-franchisees. Master Franchisees then function as a “sub-franchisor” and split the roles and responsibilities as well as the franchisee fees and ongoing royalties with the franchisor.
  • Single Unit – a single unit franchisee develop, own and operate only one outlet within a defined territory. Single Unit is only available in the GCC Region.
best franchise to invest in - MEITO Franchise
MEITO franchise requirements

Business model

Please check MEITO Franchise Concepts Overview PDF for more details ↓

Typical Sales Performance:

MEITO’s Double Decker, Mobile and Express – the average number of tickets range between 60 to 250 per day and average check is U$D 4,50 per ticket.

MEITO Eatery – the average number of tickets range between 60 to 140 per day and average check is U$D 15 per ticket.

On average, the direct food, beverage and packing costs is 24 %. This leaves you with 76 % gross margin to spend on other overheads and maintain a good level of EBIDTA and return on investment.

How much does the MEITO franchise cost?

MEITO has the franchise fee of up to $25,000, with total initial investment range from $80,000.

Initial investments: $80,000 - $300,000 (depending on chosen Franchise Model)
Payback period: from 24 months
Average turnover per month: $25,000 – $60,000
Royalties: 6% + 2% Marketing and publicity
Franchise fees: $25,000 per Store
Depending and negotiable on development plan and area.
Initial Franchise Support included with the Franchise Fee:

  • The rights to use MEITO brand name and trademark in the market area
  • Transfer of know-how
  • Support with pre-entry financial study
  • Two-week initial training
  • Pre-entry market support
  • Site evaluation
  • Customization of menu items
  • Launch training and support
  • Store design guidelines
  • Supply of lists and specifications of furniture, fixtures, etc.
  • Supply chain buying power
  • Access to Software and Technology, POS
  • Marketing plans and material
  • Web portal support

Other current payments: none

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MEITO franchise opportunities



We are looking for partners who:

  • Have sales and management experience
  • Are passionate about the MEITO brand
  • Have a great network with good resources
  • Have a strong ambition to succeed
  • Want to be part of the MEITO family
  • Want to be part of the MEITO journey and its growth

Discover the advantages of the MEITO franchise program today!

  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type
    Tea franchise
  • Year company was founded
  • Year of launching franchise
  • Franchised companies
  • Owned companies
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