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Internet Removals Franchise Opportunities

Internet Removals franchise

Internet Removals is the global leader in removing illegal content from the internet. With over 10 year’s experience and over 454,000 successful removals, there is no agency with a higher success rate than Internet Removals. With clients in over 32 countries around the world, the business has a truly global reach and international market acceptance.

  • Content Removal services;
  • Monitoring Services;
  • Review Services;
  • Risk Services;
    • Complaint & Refunds system and management;
    • Sales compliance;
    • Human Resource services;
  • Investigation Services;
  • Litigation Support Services.

Size of Stores, Sales Offices

No investment in stores or sales offices are necessary. Our system can be operated with any internet connection.

Licensee Offer

Jurisdiction: national
Period: 3x3 years
Exclusive: yes

How much does the Internet Removals franchise cost?

Internet Removals has no franchise fee with a total initial investment from $10,000.

Initial Investment: $10,000
Exclusive National License to market and sell the services of Internet Removals , including all training and support.

Payback period: 12 months
Average turnover per month: $30,000
Gross turnover share arrangement:

  • Licensee markets and sells the services of Internet Removals;
  • Internet Removals completes the service.

Monthly quoted Licensee turnover per month is exclusive or any royalty and is a conservative estimate based upon past and current performance.

Franchise fees: nil
Other current payments: not applicable

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Internet Removals Franchise Business Model

Licensee income is self generated and not represented.

The current model generates $30,000 gross per month.

There is no business office requirement. The I.R. system requires an internet connection only

Profitability is 60%+.

Reconciled figures and Financial modelling available upon execution of MOU.

The successful licensee will possess the following attributes:
  • The ability to following and comply with I.R. systems;
  • Have extensive sales experience, including but not limited to: telephone sales (cold call, inbound), B2B personal sales, search engine optimisation experience;
  • Financially viable to run and operate a business;
  • Management experience, particularly sales management;
  • Commitment to KPI and regional growth.

Internet Removals Franchise Advantages

  • Market leader;
  • Limited or no competition in most jurisdictions;
  • First to market;
  • Unlimited qualified leads;
  • Huge market opportunity;
  • Turn-key operation;
  • Well established efficient technical systems;
  • Well documented on-line and personal training system included;
  • Unlimited support;
  • High ticket sale items;
  • Low operating costs.
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