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About the brand

Altairika Virtual Encyclopedia is an unforgettable lesson in Virtual Reality format for children from 6 years and above. We offer the opportunity to see with your own eyes the birth of the Solar system, the secrets of marine life, explore different planets and to know how the human heart works with an immersive 360° view.

VR Encyclopedia collection includes more than 90 films about astronomy, natural science, anatomy, and history - all for watching with a virtual reality Headset.

Altairika is a company with ten years of experience in the field of supplementary education. Since 2010, we have been motivating children to learn and explore the world using the latest technologies.

Our knowledge and experience help more than 120 partners working in 22 countries on 3 continents to give children the opportunity to be in space and inside the human body, to see the most beautiful places on the planet and unusual phenomena with their own eyes.

Now we are developing interactive VR lessons that will allow children to gain knowledge in a new and unusual format. Such lessons will give children access to the most modern chemical laboratory, allow them to create their own robot, study human anatomy or witness the birth of the universe. Experiments, tests and excursions in virtual reality will be a common part of future education that we can create today.

Altairika Franchise Opportunities

«Virtual Encyclopedia» is a solution in supplementary education with VR headsets. We provide an unforgettable virtual reality lesson for children from 5 years.

Such lessons allow children to see with their own eyes the birth of the solar system and the life of marine inhabitants, the exploration of planets and the work of the human body.

The uniqueness of the product is that we show educational films to a whole class, thanks to synchronous playback up to 30 devices.

Unlike the usual lesson, in the "Virtual Encyclopedia" the child sees a live image projected at 360 degrees, which creates the effect of a full immersion. The child is a participant of the event and can "touch" the subject.

The big advantage of this approach is its visibility. The child easily absorbs new knowledge and further independently shows interest in the sciences.

Now schools and kindergartens attract outside organizations that provide services in the field of additional education for children.

We replace ordinary supplementary education with virtual one and give children the emotions they so missed in classical education. Plus, kids may enjoy an interesting immersive technological lesson after a long time on e-learning.

Our catalog contains more than 90 science and entertainment films that help children explore the world around them in a virtual reality format on an exclusive right. We cooperate with the best content studios in the USA, Spain, Germany, India, Australia, UK and Korea.

The "Virtual Encyclopedia" allows children to gain knowledge outside of boring textbooks, but to remain within the classroom. This gives schools and kindergartens the opportunity to attract students by engaging in immersive classes, and children get useful material in the form of entertainment education.

Altairika franchise
Virtual Encyclopedia Altairika franchise

Size of stores, sales offices, etc.

You will need two employees: an active sales manager and an operator. You can easily fill one of these roles by yourself.

Manager - Negotiates with teachers and executives in schools and kindergartens.

Operator - Goes to the client and runs sessions.

Franchise offer

There are three types of franchise model:

  • Opening a subscription franchise
  • Opening a territorial franchise
  • Becoming a master-franchisees

Subscription franchise is a local point of Altairika where you organize the sessions of VR Encyclopedia for a group of kids and adults. You install VR Encyclopedia in a passable place and work with the incoming customer flow. The subscription franchise is reduced to a particular radius of its location. Depends on the city.

Territorial franchise includes working with schools and other educational facilities by providing them services of organization paid events there for students. Partners choose the territory which we secure for them. Our franchisees have from 3 to 12 sessions of VR Encyclopedia in one day. In one school. There is no need for renting premises, as at the initial stage you will work at schools.

Master-franchisee controls the work of all franchisees at his territory and gets a commission from their entry fee and royalty.

Altairika franchise cost
buy franchise Altairika

How much does the Altairika franchise cost?

Altairika has a franchise fee ranging from $5,000, with a total initial investment from $8,500.

Initial investments: $8,500

  • $3,500 - Equipment costs
  • $5,000 – Franchise Fee

Payback period: 6 months
Average turnover per month: $5,000
Royalties: $300 - For the first 500 viewers, then $0,6 for each viewer
Franchise fees: It depends on the country and territory you choose. Franchise Fee = price zone of the country + (country ratio * population)

  1. Exclusive right to run business in your city/country.
  2. The system of remote control and statistics.
  3. Step-by-step instructions on how to start a franchise.
  4. Manuals, scripts for sales.
  5. Access to all the marketing materials of the company.
  6. Ongoing access to a community of franchisees to share experiences.
  7. Altairika Academy for employee training.
  8. Support by company employees.
  9. Webinars and Zoom sessions with the company's top executives.
  10. Work regulations for your employees and the company.
  11. Methodological manuals for teachers based on the films they watched.

Other current payments: none

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Additional information

In comparison with the classic school lesson, in the Virtual Encyclopedia students see a bright and vivid picture, which is projected on 360° and creates the effect of full immersion. The viewer becomes a full participant of what is happening on the screen.

Such a format of education involves students in the learning process, and virtual reality technology does not allow them to get distracted from obtaining new knowledge.

Non-standard extracurricular activities encourage children to learn new things, expand knowledge on a particular subject or consolidate the material passed in the classroom. The possibility of synchronous display for up to 30 children at the same time makes the Virtual Encyclopedia indispensable tool for any teacher.

Start earning right now with the proven franchise in the education field.

Success story

Our mission is to give children, even in the most remote corners of the world access to high-quality modern education that stimulates interest in learning.

Altairika company was founded in 2010. For 12 years of work we have built the largest network of mobile planetariums in the CIS and created the world's first Virtual Encyclopedia — Altairika, which allows children anywhere in the world to go into space, see the most beautiful places on the planet or visit the inside of the human body.

In 2010 we started our business with mobile planetariums. We provided services in schools, kindergartens and at the city events. In 2012, we started our own production of mobile planetariums and began to supply planetariums as a turnkey business throughout the CIS. In 2014, we became the largest mobile planetarium network in the CIS.

In 2015, we established partnership with the world's largest mobile planetariums' film makers. Thus, we managed to create a secure Space Touch ONE system and open access to the world's best films for viewers in the CIS.

In 2016 we developed our own product, the Virtual Encyclopedia. The first session of the Virtual Encyclopedia was held in Novosibirsk on the 12th of April, Day of Cosmonautics, in 2017. During this year, we successfully launched the first 17 franchises.

Development of franchise on the international market! Partners from 22 countries (United Kingdom, Ireland, Oman, Qatar, India, Turkey, etc.) joined us. Our franchise has entered the international market! Altairika received the "Best AR/VR solution of the year" award at the "EdTechReview" conference and exhibition of the largest community of educational technologies in Delhi.

Business model

Your target audience is children gathered at places of learning and entertainment.

Schools, children's camps, and educational centers are interested in additional lessons. Therefore, the management of these organizations is able to increase children's interest in knowledge and self-development.

The work process is simple:

  • Step one - You need to call the client and arrange a demonstration
  • Step Two - Send a catalog with the films and set a date for a session
  • Step Three - To come to the client 30 minutes before the showing and set up the equipment
  • Step Four - Run the shows, get the money, take the equipment, and move to the next customer

Brief financial calculation:

Ticket price per viewer is $5 (this is an average price on the market, but you are free to set the cost of your sessions). Up to 30 students can attend a session at once. A partner can arrange up to 7 shows per day in average. Your revenue per day is $5 [ticket price]x30[devices]x7[shows per day] =$1050. With an average business margin of 60%, your revenue will be $630.

Requirements to buy franchise
  • Step one: get to know the product
  • Step two: initial internet monitoring
  • Step three: learn and fill the financial model of the business
  • Step four: test-drive business model, check the performance of the business model
  • Step five: analysis of the monitoring result
  • Step six: drawing up the contract
  • Step seven: zoom acquaintance with the company's management
  • Step eight: signing the contract
  • Step nine: start

Franchise advantages

  1. Simple and clear business model, proven by 12 years of experience.
  2. Opportunity to test the business in your city before buying a Virtual Encyclopedia franchise.
  3. Step-by-step instructions with training and launching the business in 2 weeks.
  4. Exclusive rights to your chosen territory with a territorial version of the franchise.
  5. A ready market, but the product is an order of magnitude superior to the competition.
  6. Business with explicit social responsibility.
  7. Payback period from 6 months, 70% marginality.
  8. Stable annual renewal of the target audience due to the natural population growth.
  9. Relevant content for your viewers.
  10. Unique in-house software that allows you to run your business online and monitor the work of your employees remotely.
  11. "Development department" of the company, which works individually with each partner.
  12. Comprehensive support of the technical department for the entire period of cooperation.
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
    Education center
  • Year company was founded:
  • Year of launching franchise:
  • Franchised companies:
  • Owned companies:
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