Finoarte Commercial Design Studio Franchise

About the brand «Finoarte»

Finoarte - from Italian: fino - graceful, arte - art.

At finoarte we managed to create a unique space for growth and realization of professional and creative potential. We strive to create the same space for our clients, taking into account the history and goals of each business for which a design project is developed.

About the brand «Finoarte»

Company Values:

  • UINQUENESS. We are not like everyone else - it is a vision that allows us to create unique projects and find non-standard solutions.
  • OPENNESS. We are an open company, unlike any other studio. Our work is always based on mutual respect and trust. We have a positive outlook on the world and maintain a free inspiring environment.
  • EXCELLENCE. The main principle of our team is that if we do things, we do them in a superlative way. System and structure are important to us - in business, in the office, in our heads.
  • FOCUS. Everything in the company is interconnected. It is important to us to hear each other, to be in the "here and now" moment and to keep in touch with reality: to recognize our experience, our uniqueness, our victories and mistakes.
  • WE LOVE WHAT WE DO. This is what makes us grow, inspires us and requires no explanation.
Finoarte - we design
Finoarte projects become winners of various competitions, we are invited as speakers to many events within the industry.

  • European Public Art Object Project Competition '22 - victory in the category "Creative Neurosymbiosis" for the use of neural networks in the development of an art object.
  • Creative Industries Festival G8 2019 - winning in the Best Branding category.

The founder of finoarte is a regular keynote speaker at the international conference HORECA & OFFICE BULID and other industry events.

Most of our clients give positive evaluations of the projects created, come back again and actively recommend finoarte!

A finoarte franchise is an opportunity to open a commercially successful business and make profit from in-demand commercial design services.

The demand for commercial design services is growing. Constantly opening:

  • New restaurants (20-23% annual market growth).
  • Beauty salons (25-30% of new establishments are opened).
  • Clothing stores

The finoarte company guarantees its franchisees fast customer recruitment due to its name and positive brand reputation.


Finoarte Franchise Formats:

  1. System design studio finoarte

The franchisee opens a full-fledged office of finoarte design and engineering studio with a minimum staff of 4-5 people.

Suitable for designers and architects who want to build a confident commercial design business with finoarte brand support.

  • system business
  • commercial projects (restaurants, offices)
  • new clients
  1. Finoarte Distributor

The franchisee becomes an agent and distributor of finoarte in his/her city. This format does not require an office and employees, what is important is the ability to negotiate and have minimal knowledge of design.

Suitable for those who want to make profit without immersing themselves in business processes.

  • minimal investment
  • quick start
  • bright acquaintances
  1. Finoarte black edition

The franchisee opens an ultra-format design studio for premium-class projects. The terms and formats of cooperation are discussed individually.

Suitable for investors in a search of a status iconic business with high profitability.

  • unique format
  • high profitability
  • aesthetics and status
Finoarte - office

How much does the Finoarte franchise cost?

Finoarte has a franchise fee from $10,400, with a total initial investment from $10,400.

Initial Investment: $10,400
Payback period: 6 months
Average turnover per month: from $11,000
Royalties: from 0 till 5%
Franchise fees: from $10,400
Other current payments: none

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Investments for starting a business
Start-up investment (including Franchise Fee):

  • Agency franchise "finoarte Distributor" – 10 400 USD.
  • System Design Studio finoarte franchise – 32 700 USD

Franchise Fee

  • Agency franchise "finoarte Distributor" – 10 400 USD.
  • System Design Studio finoarte franchise – 15 600 USD


  • Agency franchise "finoarte Distributor" – none
  • System Design Studio finoarte franchise – 5 %
  • Payback period: from 6 months
  • Turnover per month 11 500 USD

Profit calculation

  • Average number of orders: 2-3 per month

Average check (depends on many factors and is determined by individual request, can reach up to 52 000 USD):

  • Design project - from 5 700 USD
  • Author's support – 730 USD per month.
  • Completion - 730 USD per month.
  • Turnover per month: from 11 440 USD
  • Operating profit: 35-40%

Finoarte - design

Training & Support

Franchise Fee partner support:


  • Exclusive to the city.
  • Audit of proposed locations and premises for the office.
  • Consultation on the registration of a legal entity.
  • Recommendations on management and financial accounting.
  • Advice on launching a business.
  • Personal advisor
  • Office design guidebook.


  • Product map (detailed description of finoarte products and services).
  • Additional materials for the sales manager (company presentations, price lists, layouts, etc.).
  • Pricing system.
  • Roadmap for contracting and prescribed stages of the transaction.
  • Scripts for appointments, training materials for the sales department.
  • Trainings, master classes.
  • Form of commercial proposals, ready design with elements of corporate style.
  • Attestation of managers (regulations and assistance in conducting).
  • Training in the specifics of participation in tenders.


  • Provision of all forms of contracts for all types of services (consultation on working with contracts).
  • Project presentation template.
  • Regulations and checklists of work of project specialists.
  • Partner conditions and supplier bases, discounts from the head office.


  • A template of written and considered vacancies for each position.
  • Template for test assignments and rules for conducting interviews (checklist for recruitment of competent staff).
  • Job Description.
  • Conduct final interviews and assist in decision-making.


  • At the head office: training of the partner in management and organization of proper functioning of the office (partner bares own transportation costs).
  • In the franchisee's office: one-day in-person training for the partner and his team after launch break.
  • Online consultations from the founder Igor Belyaev and head office specialists (15 hours).
  • Online conference for sharing experience between the head office team and the partner's team (after 3 and 6 months of operation).


  • The right to use the finoarte brand.
  • Connection to the company's website.
  • Creation of social networks and their filling (content plan for 2 months).
  • Cross-marketing.
  • Initial consultation on social networking and promotion.
  • Setting up and maintaining an advertising campaign at the opening (setting up is included in the Franchise Fee; budget replenishment by franchisee funds).
  • Marketing materials, brand book.


  • Work related software recommendations (programs required for project implementation and support)
  • CRM-system for customer management.
  • CRM system for project and employee management (connection is included in the Franchise fee; subscription payments are made by the franchisee's funds).
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Finoarte is the world's only commercial design studio franchise.

The demand for services is steadily growing, and franchise conditions allow you to open a profitable and promising business in a short time frame with the support of experts and training from the best professionals in the business.

The main advantages of a finoarte franchise:

    During 15 years on the market we realized more than 500 projects, through trial and error we earned recognition in the interior design field (awards, mentoring).
    With the right approach and compliance with the requirements and standards of the finoarte franchise, the partner will quickly acheave payback. The minimum payback period is 6 months.
    finoarte design bureau provides services in several areas of activity for B2B clients and is ready to support partners in related areas: field supervision/design supervision, kitchen technical planning, consulting, branding.
    The average check for commercial design services is higher than in residential design field. Profit margin: 35-40%.
    You will become finoarte's exclusive partner in your city, participate in the opening of landmark restaurants and meet major brands from different business sectors.
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