EVA (Esports Virtual Arenas) Franchise - Entertainment centre

EVA (Esports Virtual Arenas) franchise opportunities

EVA brings gaming experience to the next level, by using immersive technologies across the largest VR Esport playgrounds in the world.

Our arenas are made both for competitive gaming and fun: get ready to enter a 500 sqm (5400 sqft) virtual arena to play against other players!

EVA (Esports Virtual Arenas) franchise opportunities

With more than 30 locations open around the world, EVA (Esports Virtual Arenas) is an innovative platform designed to enhance the experience of esports through virtual reality. This technology allows players to immerse themselves fully in a virtual environment, making the gaming experience more intense and realistic. EVA integrates motion capture technology, which enables players to interact with the game using their body movements, offering a new level of engagement beyond traditional mouse and keyboard or gamepad controls.

The platform supports various multiplayer games and is tailored for competitive esports, facilitating both local and online tournaments. It aims to bring a physical aspect to digital gaming, blurring the lines between virtual and physical play. EVA also provides tools for broadcasters and live events, creating a dynamic viewing experience for spectators.

With its focus on VR technology, EVA is part of a growing trend that seeks to revolutionize how esports are played and viewed. It not only adds a physical dimension to gaming but also aims to attract a broader audience by making esports more accessible and enjoyable to watch.  

A turnkey solution mixing competitive gaming and fun :

  • 500 sqm (5400sqft) of free-roaming VR
    Our Arenas are unique in the world and allow up to 10 players to play simultaneously on a 500 sqm (5400 sqft) arena, thanks to our hyper free-roaming technology.
  • A chill zone with F&B and entertainment
    The chill zone and the Cyber Bar EVA are made for everyone to enjoy a relaxing space while drinking, eating and watching live or streamed games on large screens.
  • EVA.gg website, players’ stats & booking system
    Developed and maintained by EVA, our website will showcase your arena and experiences. Online booking and payment system are available as well.

EVA (Esports Virtual Arenas) franchise opportunities


Type Expected Pricing (excl. local VAT) Content
Entry Fees At contract signature $30,000 per Location ➔ Territorial exclusivity;
➔ Full access to EVA know-how and expertise.
Pre Production Within 6 months after contract signature $120,000 per Arena ➔ Onboarding Project Management: support from signature to opening on work & construction, financing, location seeking, etc.
➔ Players and admin's equipment: purchasing, configuration of hardware equipment;
➔ R&D contribution;
➔ Web platform: setup & configuration.
Installation & Opening Setup At the opening $3,000 per Arena ➔ Equipements calibration.
Training At the opening $5,000 ➔ On-site training.
Licence and Support Fee Monthly $3,000 per Arena ➔ Games licensing & updates;
➔ Technical support provided 7 days a week.
Franchise Fee Monthly 5% of total revenue ➔ Contribution to national & international communication for brand awareness;
➔ Coaching & network animation;
➔ Performances tracking.

How much does the EVA (Esports Virtual Arenas) franchise cost?

EVA (Esports Virtual Arenas) has a franchise fee ranges from $3,000, with a total initial investment from $1,500,000.

Initial Investment: $1,500,000
Payback period: 36 months
Average turnover per month: $160,000
Royalties: 5%
Franchise fees: from 3,000 USD / arena
Games licensing & updates;
Technical support provided 7 days a week.
Other current payments: none

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EVA (Esports Virtual Arenas) franchise opportunities


70 hours of opening weekly:

  • 40 min session price : $39 for off peak hours / $44 for peak hours
  • average monthly turnover : $160K
  • Expected revenue on 1st year : $2M
  • EBITDA : 30 %

Revenue Breakdown:

  • 65 % Games sessions
  • 15% F&B
  • 15% Private events
  • 5% Memberships
EVA (Esports Virtual Arenas) franchise opportunities


  • At least 200K€ / 300K USD of personnel contribution

  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
    Entertainment centre
  • Year company was founded:
  • Year of launching franchise:
  • Franchised companies:
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