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AMMDIGITAL Franchise opportunities

AMMDIGITAL Franchise opportunities

AMM is a marketing agency engaged in the production and promotion of goods and services for business on the Internet around the world.

AMM was founded in 2012, and the franchise was launched in 2019. The franchise network already today includes 29 partners from 6 countries such as USA, Germany, France, Cyprus, UAE, Mongolia.

Our franchise helps to effectively start a business or scale up in the IT services sector. It will be useful for those who are looking for a franchise specifically in the field of online advertising and marketing.

How we differ from other franchises, we are one of the oldest franchises in the Internet Advertising market, we have been operating since 2012 as an Internet advertising agency and as a franchise since 2019:

  1. This indicates that we fulfill our obligations to partners, which means we work efficiently
  2. We provide training on the corporate platform for everything, including new online advertising services (25 services in total + Telegram promotion and NFT creation and promotion)
  3. We have weekly personal and team mentoring with other partners from 6 countries of the world
  4. We provide the first applications and guarantee paid contracts, which will allow you to continue working in the future and form an advertising budget for the next applications and further work of the agency
  5. Ready-made technologies for working with clients, which include (Commercial Offers, Contract Templates, Portfolio, replenished Performer Base)
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Our most popular services:

  • SMM: complex promotion in social networks and blogs;
  • Strategy and market research
  • Creation of websites and landings of any complexity;
  • Targeted advertising Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Telegram;
  • Contextual advertising in Yandex and Google search engines;
  • SEO optimization for organic issuance;
  • SERM: creation and protection of company/brand reputation;
  • Email marketing and setting up mailing lists;
  • BP automation and integrated CRM-system integration;
  • Development of logos and creation of corporate identity;
  • Creative, creation of advertising and informational video content;
  • Development of telegram bots;
  • Blockchain development, creation of Smart Contracts;
  • Lead generation, payment for the result (Contact/Lead/Purchase).

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After signing the franchisee agreement, the partner contacts or finds customers for Internet advertising and promotion services, negotiates with key customers, signs contracts, accepts payment, monitors the performance of work and maintains contact with the customer.

The area of responsibility of the management company includes training, transfer of warm requests, audit, preparation of commercial offers, cost calculation and search for performers.

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How much does the AMMDIGITAL franchise cost?

AMMDIGITAL has a franchise fee of $10,000, with a total initial investment of $10,000.

Initial investments: $10,000
Payback period: from 10 months
Average turnover per month: $2,000
Royalties: $150 per month
Franchise fees: $10,000
Other current payments: none

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Business model

The partner's profit depends on how much he will attract customers, and the average payback for our partners is 3 months, with an average turnover of $ 2000 per month and a service margin of 50%

Business plan on a napkin:

  • Number of leads per month: 40 pcs
  • Average conversion: 10% from order to payment
  • Average check: $500
  • Turnover per month: 4x$500 = $2,000
  • Marginal profit: 50% = $1,000
  • Net profit before taxes: $1,000/month.
Requirements to buy franchise
  • Experience in online advertising, desire for development, openness of mind, personal sympathy
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Opportunity to start your business in IT in a short time and without significant investments Our experience of more than 10 years will help to make it as efficient as possible for the future franchise buyer

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