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Hot-WiFi Franchise Offers – Cost & Fees

most profitable franchise to open - Hot-WiFi Franchise

How we work with partners:

  1. We conclude a contract. The partner pays for a package of licenses for $2,775.50.
  2. The partner gives us the materials to personalize our soft to partner’s brand.
  3. The partner starts selling. Company has a package of licenses for the year. As soon as partner activates all licenses, he can buy more licenses unlimited, both individually and in bulk at a better price.
fastest growing franchise - Hot-WiFi Franchise

Size of stores, sales offices, etc.

1 office.

Hot-WiFi franchise offer

We are an IT-company. Our product is a marketing platform that helps businesses attract and return customers with WiFi-technologies. Hot-WiFi helps to business learned to receive measurable benefits from guest WiFi: cafes, bars, hotels, fitness clubs, shopping and entertainment centers, shops, cinemas — each segment of the business has found an effective way to increase revenue using WiFi-marketing. You are professional marketer or business owner - it’s doesn’t matter. everyone can use Hot-WiFi products. We have 2 products: Hotspot (WiFi-network with marketing features) and WiFi-Radar (catches the IDs of smartphones at a distance of 70 meters; after you can use the resulting base for targeted advertising). We have more than 5 600 clients, 52% of which work with our partners. Our partners increase the margin of business up to 70% due to the additional sale of Hot-WiFi products.

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How much does Hot-WiFi franchise cost?

Hot-WiFi has the franchise fee $0, with total initial investment range of $2,765 to $9,164.

Initial investments: $9,164
You are acquiring licenses for products Hot-WiFi and resell licenses to your customers.

Payback period: ~4 months

  • product Lite - $3.17 (month) / $23.75 (year)
  • product Hotspot - $11.88 (month) / $118.76 (year)
  • product WiFi-Radar stationary - $13.46 (month) / $134.59 (year)
  • product WiFi-Radar mobile - $15.04 (month) / $150.43 (year)

Franchise fees: $0
But the partner needs to purchase a starter pack of product licenses - $2,771.05.

Other current payments: $2,771.05 (product licenses cost)

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Business model of Hot-WiFi franchise

Our partners sell Hot-WiFi products through calls and personal meetings.

Hot-WiFi franchise info
Requirements to buy hot-wifi franchise
  • Your company should employ a technical specialist who can help customers.

Hot-WiFi franchise advantages

  • lump sum fee $0;
  • no pricing control;
  • personalization to your brand;
  • high profit margin product;
  • perfect technical support;
  • and product support;
  • educational articles;
  • online-platform for product training;
  • quick start, quick sales;
  • quick payback.
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