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About the brand

We are Another World and we are creating VR games of the next generation!
Our main goal is to make VR accessible to everyone. Since 2018 we have been developing Free Roam team-based VR games that are suitable for kids and adults. We focus on simple game mechanics, where players have a 5 minutes tutorial and start playing without any problem. No more heavy computers behind your back and restricting wires, just free movement around a space from 60 m² to 700 m².

We want to make VR games accessible, so that everyone has the opportunity to try the technology of the future in every city all around the world. To achieve our goal, we develop games that capture players of all ages from the first minute of immersion. Franchise Another World allows each partner to make VR available in their city and earn money on it.

Another World franchise

Another World Franchise Opportunities

Our solution includes everything you need

  • License for the games;
  • Free new games every 9-12 months;
  • We provide logistics of the delivery of the necessary equipment;
  • Website with a booking system;
  • CRM system for keeping information about clients;
  • Leaderboard with hi-scores of your guests;
  • Set up the advertising campaigns in Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Another World franchise for sale

Size Of Stores

We recommend having at least two rooms and a reception zone. A game zone should be from 100 m² and a lounge room about 30 m².

Another World franchise cost

Another World Franchise Offer

We offer two franchise packages:

VR Arena:
The most popular format. The most popular format. Total area from 150 m², from 8 players, starting investment from $30,000.

VR Park:
Total area from 250 m², up to 50 players. Starting investment from $50,000.

Another World franchise to own

Training And Support

We've helped dozens of clients to open an entertainment business and grow it. Let us help you too. We are searching for future partners to join our team and build businesses in the entertainment industry of the future. We will assist you in choosing a location for the game room, installing hardware, setting up your VR game and we will provide you tech support and updates.

Another World franchise investment

How much does the Another World franchise cost?

Another World has a franchise fee ranges from $15,000, with a total initial investment from $30,000.

Initial investments: from $30,000
Payback period: from 9 months
Royalties: none
Franchise fees: from $15,000

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Requirements to buy another world franchise
  • There are no special requirements for running Another World franchise. Experience in running an entertainment business would be a plus.

Another World Franchise Advantages

  1. Simultaneous immersion of up to 30 people who are divided into teams to play against each other.
  2. Possibility to adapt the game to your location. Possibility to choose a different set of equipment depending on your budget ( from 4 to 30 headsets)
  3. Possibility to divide the arena into 2 independent arenas.
  4. Own games library replenishment every 9 months.
  5. Continuous testing and connection of content from third-party developers.
  6. Free movement around the arena, no restricting wires and heavy computers behind you.
  7. Competitive game mechanics that motivate people to come and play multiple times.
  8. Shared chat with partners around the world where our partners communicate and share their successes
  9. Technical support from the day of signing the contract
  10. Marketing support
  11. Assistance in attracting investments

Another World franchise fee
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