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R:ED LAB Franchise Opportunities

About the brand

We are the international network of educational training centers, operating in the field of robotics and coding education for kids aged 4-16 years old (additional enrichment education).

We start our franchising project in 2019. Out footprint counts 4 countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan) with 20+ franchise and state budgetary institution classes.

R:ED LAB is a unique educational franchise, operating in the Educational Development segment, which includes an educational platform for robotics and IT, software, educational and methodological complexes and robotics kits R:ED of various modifications.

Our mission:

  • To create innovative and high-quality educational products in the sphere of new technologies, robotics and IT.
  • To raise a new generation of successful, independent, and competent professionals who will make the future world a better place.

Today R:ED LAB is

  • International network of educational centers (4 countries - Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan)
  • 10+ educational products
  • 10,000+ trained children
  • Own educational platform R:ED

Educational Platform R:ED is a set of solutions

  • Robotics kits R:ED– different modifications for different age groups and different educational programs: from robotics to copter building
  • R:ED CODE software – an educational environment with built-in lessons, the possibility to program robots in various programming environments
  • Educational and methodological complexes for multiple educational programs (from robotics and programming to the basics of working with CNC machines)
  • Professional development programs for teachers

R:ED LAB classes develop in a child

  • Coding Skills
  • Logic And Algorithmics
  • Knowledge Of Exact And Applied Sciences
  • Engineering Thinking
  • Computer Literacy
  • Creative Potential

Size of offices

1-2 classes of 25-30 m.sq. each + cca.10 m.sq of reception area

how to open a franchise R: ED LAB

How much does the R:ED LAB franchise cost?

R:ED LAB has a franchise fee ranges from $7,110 to $9,480, with a total initial investment from $27,370.

Initial investments: from $27,370

  • Equipments (including R:ED Sets, notebooks, projector) = $9,480
  • Rent+ renovation = $4,740
  • Furniture = $2,490 Euro
  • Lump Sum Payment = $7,110
  • Legal entity registration + other = $1,180
  • Starting Marketing = $2,370

Payback period: 8 - 12 months
Average turnover per month: $11,850 - $14,220*
* - within 24 months range

Royalties: $240 fixed from the 3rd month
Franchise fees: $7,110 - $9,480 depends on country

  • Educational and methodological complexes for all courses (maximum full documentation: course description, calendar and thematic lesson plan, annotations to lessons for teachers, presentation for each lesson for students, homework assignments to students, etc)
  • Business induction for franchisee owners (3 days – offline/online)
  • Two franchisee pedagogues training (offline/online, training duration is 2-5 days, depends on the pedagogue’s qualification)
  • Franchisee outlet opening guide – full kit of documents (requirements, specifications)
  • R:ED Code proprietary Software
  • Alfa CRM – fully automated system- it covers all the needs during the educational process: from the classes schedule compiling and students and teachers personal accounts creation to the progress and growth areas tracking and monitoring of the payments and profitability of a particular course
  • Complete set of marketing materials (from printing materials to the outlet design standards)

Other current payments: marketing from $300 monthly * depends on the country

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R:ED LAB Franchise Business Model

R:ED LAB franchise is a successful business, if you manage it properly
R:ED LAB Financial Assumptions
Investments* - from $27,370
Initial Lump-Sum Payment* - from $7,110
Payback period* - 10 - 12 months
Breakeven* - 5 - 6 months
Turnover** - $11,850 - $14,220
Average Check** - $120
Number of students** - 100
*subject to specific countries
**per month within 24 months rang

Our ideal partner
  • understands and loves children
  • owns his own business and wants to diversify its assets portfolio
  • believes in socially significant projects, wants to do something useful for society and earn money at the same time

R:ED LAB Franchise Advantages

  • Crisis-resilient business of the children's education in the steadily growing EdTech segment.
  • Verified business model that provides an all-season income and a high customer life cycle (LTC) (offline+online).
  • Own robotics sets R:ED with a huge number of modifications directly from the manufacturer. Best in terms of price/quality ratio!
  • Modern and constantly updated educational and methodological programs, which allows you to find an individual approach to each student. Correspond to the Federal State Educational System requirements.
  • Full cycle support (call-center, CRM, IT, methodological department, HR, locations selection, marketing and promotion).

You become a part of an international holding company!

franchise price Training Center R: ED LAB
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