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PIXLINE is a powerful designer specialists' team, which is engaged in design development of literally any direction: from business cards to mobile application. We look for partners in differents cities, for our clients to easily pick them up!

What a representative does: He just takes orders from all these companies needing design. He sends us clients' letter with task, and we design everything. Completed projects are sent to a representative, who resends them to customers. Then the representative will maintain relationships with clients and accept new orders from them.

In fact, a partner becomes an intermediary in order shipment. This is to say that you don't need designer skills, but you're simply to be a manager controlling orders. Moreover, starting work in their own city, the representative is enabled to accept orders from across the country.

PIXLINE Franchise Оffer

100% companies order design projects, starting from business cards, leaflets and signboards to interior designs, facilitiy designs and so on. In any kind of business entrepreneurs look for people they can order their business design from! We look for our representatives in different cities to issue orders to clients.

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How much does PIXLINE franchise cost?

PIXLINE has total initial investment range of $750.

Initial investments: $750
Payback period: 2 months
Average turnover per month: $2,500
Royalties: none
Franchise fees: none
Other current payments: none

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Business Model of PIXLINE Franchise

Let's make a routine calculation: on average, a partner makes 100% margin for design services. In the worst case scenario, taking in view 10 average orders ($250 of margin) and some small design orders monthly, the partner is going to earn about $2,500. However, this is not the stage to stop at, because one may earn a lot more, based on partners' work experience. Because $2,500 sum is the calculation for only one representative. If the representative hires internal sales representatives, then the profit may increase proportionally with the number of these representatives. Moreover, after the first order every client becomes a residual income, because they return to you for new orders. We in our practice have had partners, who were absolutely loaded only thanks to the word of mouth. Would you like to know how much you may earn in your city? Leave a request - we'll calculate!

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Who is our offer for
  • For beginning entrepreneurs willing to set up their first business. For wishing to combine business with their main life occupation and craving to then leave employment sphere. Mothers on their maternity leave, for fringe earnings Well-established entrepreneurs, who had previously ordered design projects and are well-aware how profitable it is. Print shops, advertisement agencies and studios, having inflow of orders, who know that design is a profitable source!
Requirements for pixline pick-up centre
  • Because business is set up online, there aren't any facility requirements at all. You just send the client his project from your electronic address. It's essential that you possess a laptop or a computer, stable Internet connection and a phone. It's sufficient to take orders from clients and to then give them in their work completed. You may also work from your phone, provided that it has good Internet connection and a quality display - such cases are not infrequent: negotiations, projects arrangement and other things may all be done with help of a good mobile device.

Advantages of PIXLINE franchise

Business is simple: essentially you become an intermediary between a client and us. You don't draw anything - development is all upon us, you only give directions as to what to prepare and who for. Design services are always in greay demand. We're competent in practically any sphere of design: we draw everything from signboards to Federal Government Projects. You don't need any special skills - even housewifes start working with us. We give you the price much below the market one, thanks to which partners earn money. Business is simply scaled, because every new manager brings about $2,000 - $2,500 profit (cf. profit calculation). International experience: we're in the know of the market novelties, we provide you with modern solutions, which makes our partners stand out because of the highest performance level. We work in a most convenient way, sending you intermediate results of the work. This way clients knows exactly where they're going and what they're getting. As a result, the price is lower, quality is higher and experience is greater.

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