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Mertel franchise

Mertel was founded in 2005 by Lukáš Jesenský and Dušan Masaryk, as a boutique event agency for clients who don't see events, ATL, BTL, social and digital as separate fields, but as ingredients that create a perfect dish together. All you need is an experienced chef. We strongly believe that events are crucial pieces of building a brand’s story.

It's this belief that helped us grow the agency into a franchising network of boutique offices that are able to combine the best concepts from individual markets with internationally tested processes.

Event planning with a advertising touch. From small, well-planned happenings, large-scale productions up to exclusive VIP extravaganzas, our team makes sure all your KPIs are met and all stakeholders fondly remember your brand for a long time.

  • Employee events
  • VIP events
  • Anniversaries
  • Conferences
  • Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Product Launch
  • Sales Promotion
  • Incentives
  • Green meetings and events
  • Digital events
Mertel franchise info

Size of offices

Small - Mertel office can be runned by only 1 person thanks to ORCHESTRA platform.

Medium - Mertel office can be also a medium size agency.

Mertel franchise for sale

Mertel Franchise Offer

Open your new agency with a 15-year head start.

There’s no better way to open or expand your own event agency than with Mertel franchising. We know how big a step it is to start your own agency. How impossible it seems to get into large new business pitches when you’re a small player. That’s why we decided to franchise Mertel. To help people who love event planning succeed at their dream of owning a profitable event agency.

Our proposal is simple. On day 1 you get all the benefits of a long-established agency – a strong brand, efficient processes, client references and access to international new business. On top of that you also get ORCHESTRA – an international platform of unique concepts from local markets, combined with a next generation project planning system.And the best part? You keep the freedom and ownership that motivated you to start your agency.

Mertel franchise cost

How much does the Mertel franchise cost?

Mertel has a franchise fee €9,650, with a total initial investment from $5,415.

Initial investments: from $5,415
rental of office/ virtual office/ coworking place, notebook, phone, initial marketing materials, initial digital campaign on social medias.

Payback period: 1 - 5 months
Average turnover per month: from €25,000 - €150,000

  • Maintenance fee - 6%
  • License fee - 1%
  • Promotional - 1%

Franchise fees: €9,650 - 50% off (€4,825) provided for first 5 new offices.

  • Daily detailed market research of new business opportunities in your region
  • ORCHESTRA - unique digital system, which run all Mertel offices. Systems runs all sales activities, working process, budgeting of events, developing of creative ideas, invoicing, overhead budget of company, stacs, clients and suppliers database for sharing, personal and informations sharing
  • All Mertel creative ideas with budgets
  • Universal Mertel brand corporate identity and design
  • Website fully localized in your market's languages
  • Professionally designed templates for business cards, presentation slides, cost estimate sheets, budgets and more
  • Quarterly online advertising campaigns generating awareness and leads for your Mertel agency in your market
  • Social media channels management and content creation: Facebook, Instagram
  • Mertel work references since 2005 to use in new business pitches
  • International awards to bolster your pedigree
  • ISO compliance management systems required by multinational clients

Other current payments: none

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Success story

Additional information

The Mertel brand has won several awards for its work and is a member of different Association.

The European Franchising Association
The Slovak Franchising Association

Our awards:
German Brand Award for Excellence in Brand Strategy
Austrian Event Award in category Congresses
Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards for Marketing communication B2B
Ecolabel for Green Meetings and Green Events
LUX Travel & Tourism Awards in category Best Destination & Event Management Company 2020 - Central Europe
Eventex in category People´s choice Technology
Mertel website gained CSS Design Awards in categories: Best UX Design, Best UI and Best Innovation

Mertel Franchise Business Model

We have set up the Mertel grow up plan for your brand new Mertel agency in your region according the real success story of previous Mertel openings.

Revenues in years Business margin (36%) Franchising fee (8%) Yearly office cost recommendation (16%) Netto Profit (12%)
1. 120.000 43.200 9.600 19.200 14.400
2. 250.000 90.000 20.000 40.000 30.000
3. 500.000 180.000 40.000 80.000 60.000
4. 750.000 270.000 60.000 120.000 90.000
5. 1.000.000 360.000 80.000 160.000 120.000
Mertel franchise to own
Mertel franchise investment
Requirements to buy mertel franchise
  • We are looking for an experienced event planning professional, who passionately believes in the power of events. Not to work for us, but rather we want you to be the boss of your own Mertel agency. Or for a small one man show agencies or beginning event agencies which want to grow and get as a supplier to bigger clients.

Mertel Franchising Main Benefits

Harness the power of Mertel's brand.
Since our work is to help build brands for our customers, we all understand how important branding is for a business’ success. We’re the only event agency in the world to be recognized by the prestigious German Brand Award for Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation. And with Mertel franchising your brand-new agency can benefit from our strong brand in multiple way.

Get a new business boost with proven track record and market research
It’s hard to succeed as a new event agency when all clients require proofs or previous work and experience to even invite you to their pitch. But with Mertel franchising you get all that and much more from day one. It’s why we say joining Mertel is like having a 15 years’ head start.

ORCHESTRA – it's like hiring 20 people without hiring anyone
ORCHESTRA is our proprietary creative and project management system that does everything that usually takes a lot of time to do in event planning and running your own event agency. It saves time and money as it helps you work on more projects on your own or with fewer people.
Being fully digital, ORCHESTRA except creative shared conceptions, uses advanced data analysis to present you with monthly business intelligence reports that help you improve daily processes and overall key success metrics. At the same time, you’ll benefit from more than a decade of our experience in running all aspects of a successful event agency with clear best practices and actionable feedback. To make your agency launch lightning-fast, we get you started with a free mobile office – a MacBook packed with ORCHESTRA and everything you need to start working.

One Big Family
Becoming a Mertel franchising partner is like becoming a member of a big family. You can benefit from all Mertel´s brand successful creative concepts, that were organized by our franchise offices. That means you can use all proven concepts/events in your region ready to use with the whole package - idea, budgets, suppliers, references, marketing materials, presentations and many more. Becoming a family member means also meeting Mertel people, with who you can communicate, who can help you with the event process and who can also be leased as a personal leasing - in case of big event creation. Headquarters are constantly creating free solutions for their partners in harder situations like for example during the coronavirus. They are organizing webinars to introduce successful concepts of the branch to all offices, training creativity and do trainings in areas that are needed and trying to find solutions.

Mertel franchise fee
Mertel franchise opportunities

  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
  • Year company was founded:
  • Year of launching franchise:
  • Franchised companies:
  • Owned companies:
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