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SAHAR&VOSK Franchise Opportunities

Entrepreneur Albina Nazarova presents her own brand SAHAR&VOSK as a franchise.

SAHAR&VOSK is a dynamically and fast growing brand of face and body aesthetics. In fact, it is not just a brand, but a mission with an aim to offer affordable yet high quality skin care products and beauty treatments. As of now, our brand consists of 123 salons in Russia and CIS countries. Besides, our brand has its own Business Training Academy as well as own Cosmetics Laboratory - “SV Laboratories”.

As a company we aim and are ready to expand further internationally. Our franchise offers high returns on your investment, with products/services margin up to 75% and profitability up to 35% with 100% return on your investment within 3-6 months in average.

The launch of the studio normally takes 30 days, if our financial/business plan is fully followed.

SAHAR&VOSK franchise

According to RBC (RosBiznesConsulting Group) SAHAR&VOSK franchise company is ahead of the competition in its niche market. And a total of 123 of successfully operating branches can confirm this.

We offer 3 types of studios:

Without medical license:

Mini (from 15 m² 1 cabinet)
Standard (from 30 m²)
Maxi (from 80 m²)

With medical license:

Mini (from 30 m²)
Standard (from 60 m²)
Maxi (from 120 m²)

SAHAR&VOSK franchise for sale

Costs involved in starting up SAHAR&VOSK franchise

Total initial investment: from $30,000
Return on investment (ROI): 6 - 12 months
Average turnover per month: $11,120
Royalties: $100 - $360
Franchise fees: $5,600
Other current payments: $23,700

  • Premises rent $2,800
  • Full premises refurbishment $5,950
  • Treatment equipment $5,700
  • Furniture $3,340
  • Interior design $556
  • Office equipment for employees $300
  • Consumables and tools $3,480
  • Uniforms and accessories $125
  • Marketing $1,445
  • Transportation and other expenses $1

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SAHAR&VOSK franchise cost

Success Story

Back in 2015 Albina was working as a regular sales manager, selling equipment and cosmetics to beauty salons.

By end of that year, having already acquired an extensive 1 year experience, she has realised that the epilation market niche had no competition due to lack of mono-studios (small salons). Thus, in February 2016, she has fully opened the first mono-studio, which ironically had no logo- sign and with entrance from the back of the yard. But through consistent work and perseverance it has become successful, and same year she managed to open a second branch in the same city. Fast forward to 2017, and the franchise has now been officially established and launched, and simultaneously Albina recruits a team to start the SAHAR&VOSK Management Company. As of now, Albina owns 11 studios in two cities in Russia, and there are 112 partner branches (franchisees), plus 5 new franchise studios are at the opening stage.

SAHAR&VOSK Franchise advantages

  • Fast return on investment (ROI) - 3-6 months
  • Low investments floor
  • Rapidly growing business niche
  • Affordable prices for services combined with high profit margins
  • Business experience is not required, you will get all our experience within a franchise package
  • Financial gains - possible to start making from $2,000 within 3 months
SAHAR&VOSK franchise to own
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