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Description of the Franchise of commercial charging stations Mobile Charger

An image of a modern person is impossible without smartphones and tablets. Nowadays, all of us surf the Net, social networking sites and use mobile communication on our smartphones and tablets many times a day. However, despite all the modern achievements in electronics, people still have to charge their devices once or even several times a day.

Mobile Charger company found the solution not only for charging devices but also for saving time, the most precious people`s resource. Your cell phone battery can die in the most inappropriate time. Now, you don't need to worry, just ask about portable charger from Mobile Charger in a restaurant, cafe, gym, club, hotel, in an office or in a conference hall.

Our company is the first and largest manufacturer of universal chargers in Russia, utilized in various spheres of business. Today, our line of devices includes 22 charging solutions. We started our activity in Russia in 2012 and are currently being represented in more than 3500 places in regions of Russia, CIS countries and a number of countries in Europe and Asia.

Innovation,versatility, ease of use of the stations as well as high demand and profitability of the service provide great prospects for the commercial activity and development of our business.

Franchise of commercial charging stations Mobile Charger

Every businessman should be aware of all modern trends, and his customer wishes to develop his business. For example, imagine, a passer by is going along your establishment and sees a sign about a possibility to charge their device, there is 99 % probability that he will drop in to charge the battery and eat something in a pleasant atmosphere.

All you need to attract new clients and increase the loyalty of permanent ones is a modern and universal charger that solves one of the daily tasks of a modern person. Convenient, simple, and safe device will be a great help for a development of your business and creating a reputation of a modern-oriented establishment aware of its customers` needs.

Mobile Charger - Franchise Information


A franchisee gets:

  • A package of universal charging stations with adapters. The package includes various stations depending on the requests of a franchisee;
  • Each station also includes a set of certified wires for charging all modern electronic devices (Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Android and other appliances ) + spare cables and portable chargers for each charging device;
    • Marketing support (a package of promotional materials for the fast promotion of the service in an establishment (Table-tents, stickers, wobblers, magnetic bookmarks in a menu) .In addition, there are also personalized promo-stands, roll-ups, and posters);
    • Examples of contracts for working with potential clients.
    • Training for doing business with HoReCa Mobile Charger
    • Timely support and advice on any issues.
  • All products have been certified and ready for sale. (FC, RoHS, SE, PCT) The warranty is also valid for 6 months for the charging station and 3 months for the accessories.
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How much does Mobile Charger franchise cost?

Mobile Charger has the total initial investment from $5,920.

Initial investments: from $5,920.
Entrance fee: $1,015 (is included in the price of the franchise).
Payback period: 3 - 4 months.
Monthly turnover: from $1,690.
Royalties: none.
Lump sum payment: none.

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Business Model

There are four ways to monetize your business:

  1. You give charging stations for rent to owners of various establishments.
    Giving Mobile Charger HoReCa stations for rent to owners of restaurants, cafes, clubs and other establishments you get from $118 to $235 per month for one device. Your income: $1'180 - $2,350 per month.
  2. Your customer pays you for using a charging device.
    A customer pays $1.69 for using of chargers in Moscow and St. Petersburg and gets the battery for a needed time. According to statistics on the use of portable batteries for the past 6 months, approximately 21 people charge their phone or tablet out (record: 84 people a day in a restaurant in Moscow). Taking into account regional offices, a payment for a smartphone charging can be $1, which makes a $535 profit from one charging station per month or $5,350 from ten stations. The scheme of work can be the following: a customer pays a bill for using a charger . All operations are carried out through R-keeper, and then the profit is divided between the owner of a charging station and the owner of an establishment in 50/50 format (or as agreed). Your income is from $2,540 to $5,350 per month.
  3. Subsequent realization of a station. Sale.
    The stations are implemented in the sphere of b2b for business representatives in HoReCa area (hotel business, restaurants, cafes, etc.), as well as in places of mass gatherings (airports, stations, water parks, shopping centers, shopping malls and even in hospitals and offices) . As a representative of our company, you get an opportunity to receive a net profit of + 30% from the wholesale price (margin).
  4. Gaining profit from unique and highly effective advertising platform.
    Our stations can be used for receiving a profit from selling and giving to rent an advertising space on portable and Mobile Charger stationary chargers. A rental on an advertising surface varies from $50 to $255 per month, which depends on the type of device and placement. (For example, a Cameron wall charger with a video screen and 4 charging cables can be leased to a shopping center for $170-$255 per month.)
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Requirements for buying a franchise
  • Willingness to provide people with a useful service;
  • A wish to earn on the idea;
  • Ability to communicate with people.
Requirements for the room
  • Location and availability of an office is not important at the beginning.

Mobile Charger Franchise Advantages

What are the advantages of Mobile Charger franchise?

  • Minimum investments
    Mobile Charger business doesn't require any additional financial investments. For a successful start, you just buy a franchise and make an agreement with owners of different establishments in your city. You will not encounter any difficulties as they are interested in an opportunity to get a profit, increase customer's` loyalty, an advantage over their competitors and promotion.
  • Uniqueness and high demand
    The demand for this business concept is determined by the realities of the present: 9 out of 10 people own smartphones and / or tablets that require to be charged once or even twice a day. For the coming decades, there is no reason for rejection by mankind of portable devices. On the contrary, everything points to the further development of the technological devices, which will consume more and more energy.
  • Easy to use
    Opening a new small cafe requires a lot of efforts in management and cookery, work with suppliers, promoters, and customers. With Mobile Charger you don't need to acquire some special knowledge, you have to apply just your communication skills. Start your business today without any efforts and time wasting!
Mobile Charger - Franchise Opportunities
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