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Description of Franchise of Goodwill Gastronomic Supermarkets Chain

The chain of gastronomic supermarkets Goodwill has been working on the retail market of Georgia since 1997 (the first supermarket was called «Scorpio») and is considered to be the biggest and the most familiar. Today, Goodwill chain includes 8 supermarkets, the majority of which are located in trade centers and business centers of Tbilisi, Batumi, and Gori. Goodwill chain has a federal scope with own production of 1500 culinary, gastronomy and cafeteria products. Total trade area of Goodwill is 13,794 sqm.

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Modern and technological retail chain offers a wide variety of food products and related non-food items.

The main distinguishing feature of Goodwill is the assortment of own production: semi-finished meat products and ready-made products, gastronomy and frozen semi-finished products, ice cream, pastries, and confectioneries.

Gourmet format with a wide range of exclusive Georgian products.

There is also a big choice of fresh products and delicacies from Georgian manufacturers as well as imported ones. The supermarkets include cafeterias where the customers can both buy gastronomic products and try them in a pleasant atmosphere.


  • SKU more than 50,000 products
  • Up to 250 gastronomic products of own production
  • More than 250 confectionary items
  • Up to 70 kinds of meat products


  • Internet store
  • Catering services
  • Corporate service
  • Onsite cafeteria
successful Goodwill franchise business
The shops are introduced in three main formats
Big supermarket District supermarket Convenience store
A self-service store with a wide range of food and non-food items of frequent demand. A self-service store of a hypermarket concept A shop with a combined form of trade (self-service + counter trade) selling mainly "Goodwill" culinary products.
Trade area: from 2,000 - 4,500 sqm Trade area: from 1,000 to 1,600 sqm Trade area: from 150 tо 300 sqm
SKU: 20,000 - 25,000 items SKU: up to 15,000 items SKU: up to 3,500 items
Space sharing: Food products: 60 - 65%, non-food: 35 - 40% Space sharing: Food : 70%,non-food: 30% Space sharing: Culinary, pastry, confectionery: 60%, related products: 25 - 30%
Cafeteria: from 40 – 175 sqm Cafeteria: from 25 – 80 sqm Cafeteria: from 15 – 40 sqm
Goodwill franchise opportunities

Goodwill Franchise Offer

Joint-Stock Company “Goodwill” encourages you to open a store complying with the programs of direct franchising.

We offer:

  • The right to use the trademark
  • The right to use trade technologies
  • Contracts with suppliers in compliance with Goodwill discount policy
  • Staff training
  • The assistance in launching the store
  • Control of all working processes by the regional manager of the company.

Training and support:

  • Training in work standards and technologies of the company with attestation for 1 manager, 1 shop assistant, and 1 cashier in our specialized training center.
  • Assistance on the opening of a launching group.
  • Store maintenance of the regional manager after opening.
  • Control of all working processes by the regional manager.
Goodwill franchise for sale

Goodwill competitive benefits for a franchise

  • You are your own boss.
  • High profit.
  • Goodwill unified logistic delivery system
  • Well-established approaches to building a retail business, software development, a trademark of the biggest retail chains.
  • Control system for economic activity.
  • Products and services of the highest quality at competitive prices.
  • Staff training at specialized Goodwill training centers.
  • Staff internship at working stores of the chain.
Goodwill franchise cost

How much does Goodwill franchise cost?

Goodwill has the franchise fee of up to $13,560, with total initial investment range from $222,000.

Initial investments for a store of 200 sqm: $222,000

  • Franchise fee
  • Repair of the premises
  • Purchase of commercial equipment, inventory, consumables, cash and security systems
  • Shop design
  • Marketing for opening
  • The first purchase of goods and the stock of goods

Payback period: from 16 months
Average monthly turnover: $98,267
Royalty: 1,9%
Franchise fee: $13,560
Other current payments:

  • Obtaining alcohol license*
  • Deposit - 20% of the amount of the credit limit
  • Insurance premium - 0.7% of the amount of the credit limit

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Goodwill Franchise Business Model

Economics activity
The shop is open 30,5 days a month
The shop is open 12 hours a day
Average traffic per hour 80 ppl.
Average traffic per day 960 ppl.
Conversion 99,00%
Number of transactions per month 28,987 pcs.
Number of transactions per day 950 pcs.
Average check $3,4
Revenue per day $3,222
Revenue per month (turnover) $98,267
Partner's gross profit $27,515
Average markup 39%
Return on sales 28%
start your own business - Goodwill franchise opportunity
Goodwill franchise investment
Requirements for buying goodwill franchise
  • Availability of real estate either own or at long-term lease.
  • Repair of the property in accordance with the standards of the chain.
  • Compliance with contractual obligations and standards.
Requirements for goodwill store
  • Trade area from 200 to 300 sqm.
  • Hall layout.
  • Well accessible place for vehicles and a loading platform with unhindered access allowing maneuver of vehicles.
  • Electric power not less than 35 kW.

Goodwill Franchise Advantages

Advantages of Goodwill gastronomic supermarkets chain

  • Goodwill company is a leader on retail market in Georgia and takes the first place among retailers regarding the turnover for 1 sqm.
  • The international quality standard ISO 22000 specifies requirements for a food safety management system;
  • Gastronomy products and delicacies from all over the world;
  • The assortment includes more than 50 000 items, rare ingredients, gourmet delicacies, exclusively fresh food;
  • Up to 250 gourmet products of own production: confectionery, sausages and delicacies, bakery products;
  • The largest producer and supplier of Georgian products/dishes;
  • Exclusive products that are supplied only for Goodwill;
  • Restaurant level culinary;
  • Technological ERP-system: assortment management, product distribution, supply chain management, sales management;
  • The warehouse is equipped in compliance with the latest European standards;
  • High standards of merchandising;
  • Premium catering service. Organizing different events;
  • Corporate service;
  • Online shop.
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Advantages for customers

  • Up-to-date design of the store and its layout, good lighting system, commercial equipment, navigation;
  • Individual service, loyalty programs for regular customers;
  • Cafeteria: coffee from freshly roasted beans and pastries from own bakery. Ready food;
  • Culinary: always fresh salads, appetizers, soups, main dishes, and desserts;
  • Bread from own bakery;
  • Carefully selected seasonal and exotic vegetables and fruit;
  • Gift sets for any occasion;
  • Tasting of wine and delicacies from all over the world;
  • Toilets for visitors. Mother and child room with changing table;
  • Kids shopping trolleys;
  • Services: packaging, free cutting, minced meat preparation, delivery, pre-ordering of products on the Internet;
  • Related services: ATMs, payment terminals, possible postomat or a point for serving online orders.
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