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About the brand

Since 2018 Briskly saves people from queues as well as saves shops from high spendings on cashiers and security service. With our products you can sell anything you want without the personnel. Customers come, choose products, scan barcodes in B-Pay app and pay. No queues, cask desks and long waiting. About 900 companies who run shop chains, micromarkets and gas stations use Briskly technologies.

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Briskly Franchise Offers – Cost & Fees

Corner ONE is a prepared autonomous retail point: the payment of a takeaway coffee and a lunch takes only 60 seconds. The solution might be installed in different locations where the hunger people are. We were the first who created the technology for people ready to develop their own brand. You will have time to build the brand and the strategy and we will supply you with all the instruments needed.

Size of stores, sales offices, etc.

You will need only 1 square meter of area, depending on your solution, a power socket and internet access.

Franchise packets Briskly

We offer two ways of installing Briskly micromarket

Integration of the system into your fridge

Investments from $950

  • Connection to the app B-Pay
  • Integration of your assortment
  • Installing the lock on your fridge
  • Temperature, humidity sensors
  • Surveillance camera
  • From three fridges

Installing the vending kiosk on a turn-key basis

Investments from $1,770

  • We provide our fridge
  • Connecting to the app B-Pay
  • Integration of your assortment
  • Temperature, humidity sensors
  • Surveillance Camera
  • From three fridges

Where you can place Briskly micromarket?


Enhance employee loyalty, save their time and money.


Cafe/Fast food restaurant
Sell left goods at a reduced price with the help of our micromarket, without cashiers and security.


State institutions
For any public space: universities, schools, MC, forums.

Briskly partners

Briskly franchise to own

How much does Briskly franchise cost?

Briskly has total initial investment from $1,770.

Payback period: from 3 months
Average monthly turnover: from $2,760
Royalty: none
Franchise fee: 8% per transaction

  • Self-checkout in a customer's smartphone
  • Acquiring
  • Sending of sales receipts to Platforma OFD, the largest fiscal data operator in Russia
  • Integration of the product assortment
  • Client technical support
  • Adding of promotion and discount offers
  • Merchant's personal area

Other current payments: none

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Business Model Franchise Briskly

Let’s calculate some approximate indicators of a micromarket which is installed in a closed office for 100 people. If the average order value is $5 and the average quantity of selling during working days is 30, therefore for 22 working days from one micromarket you will get:

5 х 30 х 22 = $3.300

After a tax deduction, spendings on purchase of goods, Briskly commission and other expenditures your net income will be about $1.000

Our managers will help you make detailed and precise business plan to open a retail point.

how much does it cost to open Briskly for a franchise
Requirements for the buyers of briskly franchise
  • We are pleased to see ambitions entrepreneurs who are ready to develop new technologically advanced business and to make a revolution in retail with us.
Requirements for the briskly franchise
  • Access to electricity (consumption of 40 - 220 W/h).
  • Easy access to the device during working hours of the institution where it is installed.
  • High pedestrian traffic.

    Advantages of Buying the Franchise of Briskly micromarket

    Briskly Corner ONE — is not a classic franchise. It is an instrument for business development.

    how much does it cost to open a Briskly for a franchise
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