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Briskly Franchise Offers – Cost & Fees

A brand new format of fresh food vending - Briskly micromarket

Technological way of fresh ready-made food deliveries to the office, business center or any other institution. Every morning ready-made dishes are brought to the kiosk-fridge - Briskly micromarket, which works through the application of the technology «Scan&GO».
The client opens the door of the Briskly fridge via the application, chooses the needed product and pays by scanning the barcode.

Business advantages:

  • Not high investment, short payback period.
  • Briskly micromarket works around the clock, on weekends and holidays.
  • Small trade area.
  • No investment in warehouse and manufacturing premises.
  • Briskly micromarket runs financial accounting using the app.
  • There are no sellers in this business, and therefore, there are no risks of incompetent maintenance, Briskly fridge is a seller itself.
  • No high investments in advertising. You just install Briskly fridges in recommended places, and they begin to work.

Three main components of Briskly fridge:

  • Electronic lock control unit.
  • Communication module that connects the entire system to the application.
  • A cam which is recording what is being taken.

Briskly franchise investment
  • Access through the app around the clock.
  • Unlocking the fridge and payment for goods via smartphone.
  • Profitable acquiring and sending checks to the FDO and to the buyer's mail.
  • The surveillance camera recording every purchase.
  • Fridge capacity is two times more than competitors`.
  • Selling own products or ready-made solutions from our suppliers.

Franchise packets Briskly

We offer two ways of installing Briskly micromarket

Integration of the system into your fridge

Investments from $950

  • Connection to the app B-Pay
  • Integration of your assortment
  • Installing the lock on your fridge
  • Temperature, humidity sensors
  • Surveillance camera
  • From three fridges

Installing the vending kiosk on a turn-key basis

Investments from $1,770

  • We provide our fridge
  • Connecting to the app B-Pay
  • Integration of your assortment
  • Temperature, humidity sensors
  • Surveillance Camera
  • From three fridges

Where you can place Briskly micromarket?


Enhance employee loyalty, save their time and money.


Cafe/Fast food restaurant
Sell left goods at a reduced price with the help of our micromarket, without cashiers and security.


State institutions
For any public space: universities, schools, MC, forums.

Briskly partners

Briskly franchise to own

How much does Briskly franchise cost?

Briskly has total initial investment from $1,770.

Payback period: from 15 days
Average monthly turnover: from $2,760
Royalty: none
Franchise fee: none
Other current payments: none

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Business Model Franchise Briskly

Micromarket in numbers

Monthly turnover $2,760.
When placing a kiosk in the office of a company numbering from 130 people.

Initial investments $1,770.
The cost of one set of equipment with accounting the availability of a fridge for installation.

Briskly Reward
From every transaction includes - Acquiring, online cashier, user support up to 10%.

Payback period excluding investment for the cost of purchasing products from 15 days.

Pure profit
Average value for one kiosk per month $540.

Requirements for the buyers of briskly franchise
  • Availability of the necessary funds.
  • Desire to develop business together with Briskly team in your region.
Requirements for the briskly franchise
  • Access to electricity (consumption of 40 - 220 W/h).
  • Easy access to the device during working hours of the institution where it is installed.
  • High pedestrian traffic.

    Advantages of Buying the Franchise of Briskly micromarket

    1. Technological platform.
    2. Highly qualified IT-specialists in the team.
    3. Technical support of the products 24/7.
    4. Trainings for our partner.
    5. Sales training, ready-made sales scripts.
    6. Federal website.
    7. Ready-made info booklets about the product.
    8. Fridge capacity is two times more than competitors`.
    9. Low rents, Briskly fridge takes only 2 sqm.
    10. 24-hour access to the Briskly micromarket via the app.
    11. Profitable acquiring.
    12. Supporting the partner on every step of the cooperation.
    • Starting investments from:
    • Company type:
      Retail outlet
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