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Govorusha franchise

Elena Dashkovskaya's Speech Therapy Center Govorusha is a specialized center for children from 0 to 14 years old. Our Center provides real help to children with developmental disorders.

The center has been successfully operating in Saint Petersburg since 2012. Our basic activity is speech and behavior disorders remedial therapy for children where we work both with children and their parents.

Our know-how is an intensive exclusive method that brings about fast results.

We constantly develop and we want to share our experience so that the most possible number of children with disorders could get qualified help.

Our program is good for you if you are

  1. A qualified specialist (a speech therapist, a special education teacher, a psychologist). You have extensive experience and you want to break the limits of a wage worker. You want your practice brings more money and self-realization.
  2. Entrepreneur. You are good at business models and business processes but now you’re interested in a new noble purpose.
  3. Entrepreneur in child sphere. You want to expand your range of services and give your clients exclusive services of speech therapy and behavior change.

Speech Therapy Center Govorusha franchise


Transfer of internal documents of the Center

  1. Specialists’ schedule
  2. Offices’ schedule
  3. Contracts with parents
  4. Registration documents
  5. Pipeline
  6. Financial documents

Transfer of the programs of the Center

  1. Program “Morning Speech Group” (MSG)
  2. Program “Evening Speech Group” (ESG)
  3. Program “Mini Speech Group” (MSG)

Assistance in promotion strategy. Creation of promotional channels.
Assistance in first signing-up children into a group, first consultations by the STC Dashkovskaya E.V.

Access to online consultations of the Saint-Petersburg Center
Parents access to the Open Parents meetings and streams of the STC Govorusha (Saint-Petersburg).

Govorusha Franchise Advantages

  1. The head of the company is a speech therapist with 30 years of experiences who knows everything of the correction
  2. For 10 years the Center has helped 6,000 children and their parents.
  3. 13 registered remedial programs that are the know-how of the Center.
  4. The team of qualified specialists (20 persons) who work collectively.

Size of child center

Child center on the premises of 70 to 100 square meters with the system of separate rooms.

cost of the Govorusha franchise

How much does Govorusha franchise cost?

Speech Therapy Center Govorusha has a franchise fee ranges from $28,000, with a total initial investment from $16,200.

Initial investments: from $16,200

  1. Additional permanent expenses: rent (70 square meters), public utilities, telephone, internet, office expenses, in total from $3,200
  2. Investment expenses on opening the center (renovation, signboard, furniture, equipment, web-site development) – from $10,300
  3. Personnel training – from $2,700

The shown costs are approximate and vary by region. The exact costs can be calculated upon request.

Payback period: from 12 months
Average turnover per month: $42,000
Royalties: 5% from income
Franchise fees: $28,000

  1. Transfer of the registered trade mark on the basis of the concession contract.
  2. Transfer of the company brandbook.
  3. Business model, business plan.
  4. Premises selection algorithm
  5. Methodical provision and adoption (8 programs)
  6. Method of recruitment
  7. Personnel training and supervision
  8. Description of corporate work standards
  9. Promotion guide
  10. Launching step algorithm
  11. Individual assistance on every step of collaboration

Other current payments: no other payments

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Govorusha Franchise Business Model

Business model of the Speech Training Center Govorusha
Number of programs: 8 (+5 in online)
Monthly income: $9,700
Approximate time to launch the project: from 3 to 8 months
Number of staff members: from 6 persons
Recoupment period: 12 months

Govorusha franchise price
Requirements to buy govorusha franchise
  • Necessary money for launching
  • Respect to the partner
  • Love to children
  • Skills and desire to work in a team
  • Urge to rise and development
Requirements to the premises
  • Densely populated place with close public transport stops
  • Ground floor, commercial premises in a multi-storey building
  • Large hall, two isolated rooms, bathroom and a closet room.
  • 70 to 100 square meters

Govorusha Franchise Advantages

Advantages of the partnership with us:

  1. We’re one of a few companies that can be started with 16,200 dollars.
  2. We’re one of a few companies that can be recouped within 12 months. This will let you get profit fast.
  3. We’re one of a few companies that has all quality standards and processes regulations written up. This will simplify the management of the company.
  4. We’re one of a few companies that helps with the resources: personnel recruitment, training and check-up. This is how you cannot fail sales. This will let you save money.
  5. We’re the only company that provides a fast start on the market under the known brand. You won’t have to gain client’s trust. This will let you increase your sales as fast as possible.
  6. We’re one of a few companies that gives stable income with constant marketing support including personal landing page on the web-site and partial compensation.
  7. We’re the only company that provides minimal legal risks with the ready documents on every sphere of activity of the center. Legal assistance.
  8. We’re the only company that provides a comprehensive and system-based approach to the remedial therapy and development of a child with speech disorders. We assist on every step and we’ll train that our franchisees.
  9. We’re the only company that assists both children with disorders and their parents. We’ll train that our franchisees!
  10. We’re the only company that has a team of qualified specialists who work collectively. We’ll train that our franchisees.

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