CDEK Franchise - Express Delivery Courier Services

Description of the Franchise CDEK - express delivery courier services 

Profitable business in international logistics providing wide opportunities to grow and increase income.

Franchise CDEK - express delivery & courier franchises

CDEK is an international express delivery company. Franchisees get access to our pre-established and tested international logistic solutions and rates. As a franchisee you will be managing parcels delivered from or to other CDEK offices worldwide. Discover your territory’s potential by hiring sales managers to attract more clients (online stores, marketplaces, etc.) and increase your profit.

What will you receive as a CDEK franchisee?

  • Pick-up point / Full cycle office – office where clients can send or receive parcels + warehousing.
  • Sales department – organization of B2C Delivery sales (e.g., from Online store to a final customer).

Franchise offer

CDEK provides you with:

  • Consultations at different stages of starting a business and business support during the whole contract.
  • Using the entire network of CDEK's chain representative to expand the Customer Base.
  • Unique ERP and CRM-system.
  • Free staff training.
  • Centralized advertising support.
Top delivery franchises - Franchise CDEK

How much does CDEK franchise cost?

CDEK has the franchise fee of up to $5,000, with total initial investment from $15,000.

Total $15,000
Lump-sum payment $5,000
Office repair and branding $1,000 - $3,000
Furniture $1,500 - $3,000
Equipment (computer, scanner, scales) $1,500 - $2,500
Documentation and legal issues $1,000 - $2,000
Office rent (from 30 sq.m) $1,000 - $9,000
Salary for employers (sales manager, client manager)

Payback period: 6 - 12 months.
Royalties: 15% (from the 7th month).
Franchise Fee: $5,000 includes:

  • The right to use a successful international brand name;
  • Possibility to use a tried and tested delivery method between the countries of CDEK's presence (Crosscountry);
  • Access to marketing and sales technologies based on the unique characteristics of the countries that the company operates in;
  • CDEK’s IT software;
  • Business-oriented training programs developed by the CDEK Corporate University;
  • Efficient document-flow processes;
  • Customs approach for your country.

Franchisor is seeking new franchise units worldwide: Asia, All Europe, Mediterranean & Middle East, Americas .

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Peter Popov launched his first CDEK office in Kazakhstan in 2020. He says: “I saw the scale of thinking and the scale of the company. I saw a challenge and potential for myself”. Nowadays he is responsible for a huge territory with 132 offices in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Business Model

Franchisee profits from:

Franchise Opportunities - CDEK
  1. Sales of CDEK’s tariffs. Employs sales manager to target clients (online-stores, marketplaces, etc.). Franchisee gets the difference between clients’ tariffs and the actual cost of delivery.
  2. Logistics. Receives orders to hand over or deliver goods from franchisee’s pick up & collection point to other (CDEK) franchisees within all countries we operate in.
Requirements to buy franchise
  • Availability of the necessary funds;
  • Willingness to follow CDEK procedures and standards;
  • Long-term partnership;
  • Development and promotion of CDEK brand in your region.
Requirements for the office
  • Availability of convenient access roads and parking areas;
  • 1st floor;
  • At least 30 m²;
  • Registration according to the company standards.

    Franchise advantages

    • You have your own business under a world-famous brand name;
    • Small initial business investments in comparison to similar offers;
    • The possibility of using ready-made technologies for doing business;
    • Working with an existing customer database;
    • A full set of tools for analysis (customers, directions, services, profitability, etc.)
    Delivery & courier franchise CDEK
    • Starting investments from:
    • Company founding year
    • Year of franchise launch
    • Franchised companies
    • Owned companies
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