CDEK Franchise For Sale - Express Delivery Courier Services

Description of the Franchise CDEK - express delivery courier services 

Minimal risk, profitable business that saves resources and time when establishing standards of goods and services, business processes, marketing and advertising.

Franchise CDEK - express delivery & courier franchises

What will you receive as a CDEK franchisee?

  • The right to use a successful international brand name;
  • Easy and fast entry to the Russian market with a turnkey infrastructure (staff of couriers, pickup points, etc.), access to the franchisor’s transportation facilities;
  • Possibility to use a tried and tested delivery method between the countries of CDEK's presence (Crosscountry);
  • Access to marketing and sales technologies based on the unique characteristics of the countries that the company operates in;
  • CDEK’s IT software;
  • Business-oriented training programs developed by the CDEK Corporate University;
  • Efficient document-flow processes;
  • Customs approach for your country.

Franchise offer

CDEK provides you with:

  • Consultations at different stages of starting a business and business support during the whole contract;
  • Using the entire network of CDEK's chain representative to expand the Customer Base;
  • Unique ERP and CRM-system;
  • Free staff training;
  • Centralized advertising support.
Top delivery franchises - Franchise CDEK

How much does CDEK franchise cost?

CDEK has the franchise fee of up to $5,000, with total initial investment from $17,000.

Total $17,300
Lump sum fee $5,000
Office rent (40-50 square meters) $1,000
Office repair $1,000
Furniture and equipment $2,000
First three months capital: salary for two employees $7,000
Branding $1,300
Training in Moscow, Russia free
Car&courier Optional

Payback period: 6 months.
Royalties: 10%.
Franchise Fee: $5,000.

Franchisor is seeking new franchise units worldwide: USA, China, Thailand, UAE, Turkey, Germany, Czech, Vietnam, Lithuania and etc.

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Business Model

Franchise Opportunities - CDEK

Initial investments: from $5,080

General initial expenses:

  • Training in Novosibirsk, transport and accommodation costs from $510;
  • Lump sum payment: $2,540.

For the first month of work, you:

  • purchase necessary furniture for the client zone (table, 2 chairs), storage areas (racks), fitting zones (fitting room, pouf);
  • buy necessary equipment - telephone set (at least 2 pieces), computer, printer / scanner, cash register, floor scales (up to 300 kg);
  • order advertising / expendable materials - from $67;
  • pay employees (client department manager, a courier) salary;
  • have constant month expenses.

Office rental

  • Telephone subscription fees (+ international calls), internet;
  • Employee salary (a customer department manager, a courier);
  • Expenses;
  • Taxes.

Requirements for buying the franchise
  • Availability of the necessary funds;
  • Willingness to follow CDEK procedures and standards;
  • Long-term partnership;
  • Development and promotion of CDEK brand in your region.
Requirements for the office
  • Location in the central part of a city;
  • Availability of convenient access roads and parking areas;
  • 1st floor - at least 20 m²;
  • Registration according to the company standards.

    Franchise advantages

    • You have your own business under a world famous brand name;
    • Small initial business investments in comparison to similar offers;
    • The possibility of using ready-made technologies for doing business;
    • Working with an existing customer database;
    • A full set of tools for analysis (customers, directions, services, profitability, etc.)
    Delivery & courier franchise CDEK
    • Starting investments from:
    • Company founding year
    • Year of franchise launch
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