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La Donuteria franchise

Donut is the most selling type sweets in the world; more than 10 billion donuts are consumed only in the USA annually. These „cakes“ have their origin in Holland with long and rich history. Donuts gain more and more fans around the globe each year, and this donut wave has now just started also in Europe.

Our concept, that had been developed in the UK, has become the second largest handmade donuts chain in Europe. Nowadays we work on opening new donut-shops in Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Budapest, Copenhagen, Warsaw, and Dubai, so that La Donuteria will be the largest handmade donuts chain in Europe. Additionally, we register the interest of potential franchisees from Germany, Holland, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Oman, Singapore, and USA.

La Donuteria Donuts Shop franchise

Our success pillar is TOP quality product and the fact that we bring original and innovative concept – the whole system and secret recipes were developed by international team in London for more than a year. We have tried hundreds of recipes unless we were completely satisfied. We do not offer the “American” style of machine-made frozen donuts, we localized and adjusted our flavors for European taste buds.

Even though you can maybe find a local donut shop in your town, the customers are overwhelmed by the difference of taste and quality of our donuts. We in La Donuteria value the customers‘ feedbacks extremely, e.g. on Tripadvisor or social medias. We face the feedbacks of tourists in our shops, especially those from USA and UK, who know donuts from childhood and many of them claim say our donuts were the best they have ever eaten.

La Donuteria Donuts Shop franchise for sale

Any semi-finished products, artificial replacements, mass production of frozen donuts, not even donuts baked in big bakeries cannot be found in our local La Donuteria shops. This is why our donuts taste BEST! We prepare our own caramel, our raspberry glaze is made from real raspberries. We make our own fillings and delicious cremes, our chocolate is top quality from Belgium and vanilla beans we ship directly from Madagascar.

You first eat with your eyes – La Donuteria shop is designed in an eye-catching “Provence” style, which attracts customers and allows us to drive viral presentation in social medias. We become the lovebrand everywhere we serve.

Regular donuts offer is enriched by weekly and monthly specials, which attract new customers and boos our sales. Most of our donuts are Vegan, which is also one of the rising trends in the world. Even coffee lovers will be satisfied in our shops. We prepare freshly roasted specialty coffee from one of the best roasting companies in Europe. The offer is very well balanced with great home-made lemonades, attractive drinks imported from USA, Mexico and Thailand and wines, Rosés, and Prosecco.

La Donuteria Coffee Shop franchise for sale
La Donuteria franchise for sale

Size of stores

The ideal size of our premises is 40 to 70 m², which also allows you to optimize the rental costs. Furthermore, we provide the most of logistics of the supplies for our franchise partners, so you always get the best price for products with no further issues how to get the products to your shops.

La Donuteria franchise cost

La Donuteria Franchise Offer

  • Original concept, which is „IN“
  • Opportunity to be one of the first players in your market
  • Possibility for self-development in your own business with verified
  • We help you choosing the right location
  • We help you to negotiate the lease agreement
  • We support you to obtain the official approvals and licenses, from establishing your own company to HACCP
  • We provide you with our design manual and advise you where and how to purchase the equipment
  • We secure logistics and delivery of ingredients, packaging, and marketing materials
  • We provide you with bakery and sales training and give you know-how
  • You will get our Operations Manual to help you running your donut-shop smoothly
  • We help you to boost your sales
  • We help you with local marketing activities
  • We provide you with continuous support and coaching for the duration of the license
  • We set up a control system for the successful operation of the La Donuteria franchise concept
  • Centralized marketing and support for our franchise partners
  • LOVEBRAND, a strong brand with positive feedback from customers
  • More than 100,000 followers in social medias
  • Product development, new donuts flavors
  • Our long history and experience from USA and UK
  • Win – Win – Win concept for everyone
La Donuteria franchise to own

How much does the La Donuteria franchise cost?

La Donuteria has a franchise fee ranges from $10,000, with a total initial investment from $35,000.

Initial investments: from $35,000
The initial investment covers bakery and shop equipment, shop design and fit-out, Initial franchise fee and supplies for the first month

Payback period: from 6 months
Average turnover per month: $35,000
Royalties: 6%
Franchise fees: from $10,000
Other current payments: none

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Additional information

We are hiring! We are looking for new Country Franchise Development managers, who will drive our franchise business by building on the La Donuteria internationally successful brand. Several areas around the world (Europe) need FDMs and if:

  1. you are willing to live in that country full time,
  2. and have franchise(e) experience, you may be the Franchise Development Manager that the La Donuteria chain needs now.

FDM is an independent contractor who sees the big picture. FDM follows the company mission to delight every customer so that they want to tell their friends; through freshly baked, delicious home-made donuts and an exceptional experience.

When approved, the FDM develops a country by helping franchisees own and operate La Donuteria shops in that country. Qualities of a successful La Donuteria FDM are:

  • Excellent leadership capabilities
  • Vision and passion for the future of the La Donuteria brand and shop development
  • Local market knowledge
  • Determination to lead a successful territory
  • Excellent organizational skills

Success story

Now we would like to help other people to repeat and accomplished the success that we have managed to reach. We are offering our franchise partners the opportunity to build their own business, be their own independent boss, and help them to move forward in their lives. Plenty of people dream of running nice and stylish coffee or pastry shop, and we are pleased to guide them to fulfil those dreams.
We have the best job in the world, we are here to make people happy! :)

La Donuteria Franchise Business Model

Capital requirements

  • Relatively small investment needed compared to other gastronomy franchise concepts, starting from $35,000. This includes bakery and shop equipment, shop design and fit-out, Initial franchise fee and supplies for the first month,
  • Interesting profitability usually in smaller towns between €5,000 - €10,000, in larger cities even €10,000 - €25,000 per month, usually profitable from the first day,
  • Quick return of investment (ROI),
  • Possibility to increase sales by selling with our food-truck solution at street-foods, sport and culture events, catering for corporate customers, weddings, and family celebrations.
La Donuteria franchise investment
Requirements to buy la donuteria franchise:
  • Sharing our values and vision
  • Long-term business relationship
  • Passion for sweets, quality, and outstanding customer service
  • Proactiveness, business spirit and laser focus on customers
  • Active presence in your donut shop and operations control on daily basis
  • Local marketing activities
  • Compliance with company standards and procedures, which are widely followed to maintain the same quality and service across the globe
  • Skills to lead and motivate your team

La Donuteria Franchise Advantages

We deliver the full package. Our team of experts prepared the franchise concept for three years. We are detailed-oriented focused on design of shops, packaging, recipes, operational system so that everything match together well and get the right „vibe“.

A big advantage is the operational simplicity. You may hire students or part-timers, which gives you more flexibility, you optimize the costs and last but not least you will not have such problems with employees during the actual labor situation.

La Donuteria franchise fee
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
  • Year company was founded:
  • Year of launching franchise:
  • Franchised companies:
  • Owned companies:
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