Franchise for School of Financial Literacy «Kids for a Million»

About the brand «Kids for a Million»

The company SAMO is the leading training center in all CIS countries. For more than 10 years we have been conducting comprehensive business training for adults, trainings and master classes for children 9-17 age on financial literacy and the formation of business thinking.

KIDS FOR A MILLION - a teacher and students

Nowadays, there are 32 SAMO training centers in 11 countries, 296 student entrepreneurs with a turnover of $30,000,000.

We are developing the franchise of the international center for human development SAMO for adults according to the unique, author's program of Davlatov Saidmurod.

For those who search for new solutions in children’s education, we developed unique program for financial literacy education KIDS FOR A MILLION.

The project KIDS FOR A MILLION contributes to the comprehensive formation and development of the child's personality.

In the classroom, we help each child:

  • To find one’s strong points.
  • Unlock hidden talents.
  • Get rid of fears and constraint.
  • Gain self-confidence.
  • Develop the speed of thinking.
  • Build the right relationship with money.

The project KIDS FOR A MILLION helps developing communication skills that will contribute to the development of a child's financial success in the future.

We invite for cooperation active partners around the world who are ready to exclusively represent our product in the territory of a city or country in the format of a Master Franchise.


The project KIDS FOR A MILLION is integrated into the educational process of schools or children's centers for additional education.

Our franchisees get the exclusive right to connect schools, children's centers to the project KIDS FOR A MILLION in the assigned territory.

The main task of the franchisee is to organize work on the implementation of the author's program on financial literacy in educational institutions, constantly increasing the number of points of presence and brand awareness of KIDS FOR A MILLION.

Income is built based revenue from own representatives and transfers from sub-franchisees within the implementation of the project in educational institutions. The launch of a school-based project takes 1 month, the return on investments occurs in 6 months of work on average.

We guarantee the effectiveness of the business model, regular program updates and consulting support.

Franchise package

Franchisees receive:

  • The right to work under the brand
  • Unique author's teaching methodology
  • Business Guide
  • Detailed brand book
  • Visualization of the classroom
  • Opening calendar plan
  • Ready-to-use teaching materials
  • Effective teaching materials
  • Access to a training platform with video tutorials
  • Quality control of training sessions
  • Materials for sales department operation
  • Designed social media accounts for the territory of the franchisee
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Consulting support of methodologists
  • Support at all stages of cooperation
KIDS FOR A MILLION - students 2


  1. Application on the site.
  2. Filling out the questionnaire of a potential partner.
  3. Interview.
  4. Conclusion of the contract, payment of a franchise fee.
  5. Preparing for the opening.
  6. Staff training.
  7. Launching advertising of the project on the territory of the partner.
  8. Opening.


If you want to have the exclusive right to open representatives, we suggest that you consider cooperation on the Master Franchise.

As a Master Franchisee, you own exclusive territory that allows you to get franchise fees from franchises sold and from connecting private schools to the author’s program.

You earn from franchise fees paid by your franchisees and monthly transfers. Leave a request to get more details about the conditions of the Master Franchise.

Format 1: Financial Literacy Program KIDS FOR A MILLION on the basis of existing private schools, children's centers

  • Starting investments - from $13,000
  • A franchise fee - from $3,000, is calculated for each territory depending on the population, number of schoolchildren and the income level of the population.
  • The average turnover per month - from $10,300
  • Royalties - 10% based turnover
  • Technical support - 20%
  • Payback period - from 4 months

Format 2: School of Financial Literacy KIDS FOR A MILLION

  • Starting investments - from $25,200
  • A franchise fee - from $3,000, is calculated for each territory depending on the population, number of schoolchildren and the income level of the population
  • The average turnover per month - from $15,500
  • Royalties - 10% based turnover
  • Technical support - 20%
  • Payback period - from 6 months

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Requirements for the franchise buyers
  • Availability of investments
  • Proactivity
  • Completing trainings of S. Davlatov is welcome
Requirements for the premises
  • Premises in good condition, located near children's traffic
  • Room area from 40 m2
  • Bathroom within walking distance, on the floor
  • Preferably a waiting area for parent

Franchise advantages

Effective original author’s program
Graduates of our program become millionaires.

Unique training materials
Educational videos, working educational and methodological kits, developed by a team of methodologists specifically for the project.

Educational IT platform
The franchisee gets access to the training platform, where classes are organized. For each module we provide detailed instructions and recommendations for facilitators on how to conduct classes.

Socially significant project
Improving the financial literacy of the population is one of the important tasks that is of social importance for the development of society and the economy.

Profitable business
A proven business model that has been showing profits for over 10 years.

  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
    Education center
  • Year company was founded
  • Year of launching franchise
  • Franchised companies
  • Owned companies
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