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Baby Brain Franchise Opportunities

It is time to rethink the process of education:

According to Education Commission estimates, about half of modern children and young adults (about 800 million) will not possible have enough skills and qualifications that are necessary in the global labor market.

We reckon the standard school educational system is not up-to-date and behind the rapid development of technology. Engineering and IT skills are getting more important. This field constantly develops and it becomes one of the most attractive expectations.

Baby Brain franchise

The project «Baby Brain» intends to give children this opportunity – to introduce the world of technology, show the ways of their applications, and broaden their horizons without limiting by city region or country’s borders.

Our courses

Baby Brain franchise

Educational curriculums:

  • Robotics
  • Programming
  • 3D modeling
  • Computer literacy

Curriculum developing:

  • Creating games on UNITY platform
  • NFT product and its presenting on marketplaces
  • Study of platforms of Virtual reality (VR)
  • Study of platform of new virtual worlds – «Metaverse»

Why «Baby Brain» Franchise

Baby Brain franchise
  1. Quick returns from investment due to high service demand
  2. Ready-made business model including educational and marketing materials and software
  3. Author’s programs of studies by the experts and teachers of the Center for a business owner and its staff
  4. Not high staff competences
  5. Turn-key business with detailed description of the work:

    • Educational methodologies
    • The guide of brand application
    • Training staff
    • Regular updating educational curriculum
    • Design project of a room
    • Ready-made CRM-system with a student’s private account
    • Website
    • Mobile application for a student
    • Module of effective room use for holding quests and theme events.

Gamification Learning Process – Private Student’s Account

Baby Brain franchise

Private student’s account is based on integration of game methods letting children deeply involve in learning.

On this private account a student can:

  1. Choose a character (avatar)
  2. Follow the course of completing the quest game prizes. If you complete the level, get a prize
  3. See the quantity of completed levels (attended classes)
  4. Follow their success and their performance
  5. Follow their timetable
  6. Pay courses online


Minimum requirements for a room:

  • Space of a room - 100 m2
  • Space of a classroom – 30 m2
  • A place for a reception
  • A sanitary unit (toilet)
  • Modern renovation and furniture, well-lit and ventilation, branding a room is obligatory
Baby Brain franchise fee
Baby Brain franchise opportunities
buy a Baby Brain franchise

«Baby Brain» Franchise includes

Turnkey business with detailed description of the work:

  • the educational methods;
  • the guide of brand application;
  • training the staff;
  • regular updating educational programs;
  • design project of a room;
  • ready to use CRM-system with a student’s private account;
  • website;
  • mobile application for students;
  • model of effective use of room for organizing quests and theme events.

*Following updating is given for free

Investment for an opening of one center with 100-120 m2 area

From $20 000

  • Repairing work.
  • Room design.
  • Furniture and office equipment.
  • Video system.
  • Robotics equipment (design kits).
  • Advertisement

+ The lump-sum payment

«Baby Brain» Franchise Cost

  • $5 000 – a city with a population of fewer than 500 000 inhabitants;
  • $10 000 – a city with a population 500 000 – 1000000 inhabitants;
  • $40 000 – a city with a population more than 1000000 inhabitants;

(The franchise cost includes the arrival of the owner of the center and the director of the center “Baby Brain” to consult and assist in the preparation and opening of the center.

The lump-sum payment gives the right to one partner to open unlimited quantities of centers in one declared city.

Royalty for the first six months = 0%, then 10% of net profit.

The Company Mission

Baby Brain franchise
  • Let each child become a part of the modern fast developing world by studying educational programs and opportunities to apply new knowledge and skills. No matter how old you are and where you live.
  • We constantly develop and are interested in long lasting mutually beneficial cooperation, based on competence, openness and transparent process.
Baby Brain franchise

«Dear friends! We are happy and grateful for your interests in our Educational Center “Baby Brain” Franchise.

Children and young people’s voices are getting louder and their opinions are becoming more important than ever before in the digital and high-tech world – the world that they do not only inherit but also help to create and develop.

We are for educational communities from all over the world take into considerations young generation’s interests and give them wings and ability to feel that they can do everything»

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