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ЁLKI Franchise Opportunities

The only chain with 100% automated guest cabins

ЁLKI is the chain with countryside smart cabins, connected to the information management system for booking, renting and attracting new customers, based on cloud technologies using artificial intelligence.

Now there are 5 open locations in the picturesque corners of the Leningrad region. Guests have access to 24 houses of two design series, with a capacity of 2 to 6 people. One complex is under construction in Sochi (Adlersky district), the second in the Leningrad region and the third in Peterhof, not far from the palace and park ensemble. The total number of houses currently under construction in new locations is 18.

ЁLKI franchise

Automation of work on three levels:


  • Intelligent door lock
  • Voice control of the house
  • Sensors of motion, temperature, moisture, smoke, protection against leaks
  • Management of the gate opening
  • Security system and video surveillance of the location 24/7


  • Search and online booking
  • Intelligent pricing system
  • Progressive bonus system
  • Online payment
  • Online payment
  • Hotline and online chat
  • Informing guests via an automated message thread


  • Intelligent sensors automatically call service in an emergency
  • Automatic call to the concierge
  • Service call via client application
  • Automatic monitoring of technical state of smart - cabins

ЁLKI franchise for sale

Features of the ЁLKI concept

  • Cabins are located in secluded recreation areas, in the forest or near the water.
  • Qualified design cabins, fully equipped with everything you need for a pleasant stay.
  • Unique service of smart cabins: automatic gates opening, control of the climate in the cabin, lighting, electrical appliances, bath rental and more.
  • Mobile application for cabin management, as well as remote booking and payment.
  • You buy not just a cabin - you get artificial intelligence to manage the rental price depending on the day of the week, holidays, weather forecast and other factors.
ЁLKI franchise cost

Be in time for taking the best places near your city and get a business with a profit over 61 640 $ a year

The demand for quality recreation near the city is growing every year. People tend to escape from the city rush and spend time in nature. At the same time, the rest should be comfortable, interesting and aesthetically pleasing. Modern smart cabins on the shore of a pond or in a forest, more often fully meet this request.

We choose locations close to historical and cultural sites and create an infrastructure for outdoor activities: rental of bicycles, skis, etc.

Not everyone can buy a cottage outside the city, but most people can afford to rent a cabin for a weekend. The trend towards comfortable eco-recreation will continue to gain the speed. We see great potential in the development of the network throughout the Russian Federation.

70% of our cabins are consistently occupied on weekdays and weekends at any time of the year.

We know how to attract guests and make the ЁLKI complex a favorite vacation spot.

ЁLKI franchise to own

Everything for the comportable rest

Facilities for smart – cabin

  • Intelligent heating system
  • Modern home appliances (including smart TV, dishwasher and washing machine)
  • Modern audio system
  • Chill - zone
  • Terrace with garden furniture
  • Sauna - a barrel with an intelligent climate control system
  • BBQ area
  • A set of board games from the official media partner GaGa.ru

Site facilities

  • Automatic sliding gates
  • Parking on site
  • Playground
  • Sports ground
  • Own well
  • Biological wastewater system
  • Modern drainage system

ЁLKI franchise investment
  • We offer a unique contactless system for booking and settling guests.
  • Cabins are constructed in modern design and in excellent condition. Photos 100% correspond to reality - this is an important component of our reputation.
  • No need to waste time on the trip to view the cabins and its passing / acceptance.

2 types of smart-cabins

ЁLKI franchise fee
  • Series «О2»: Small – capacity up to 2 people
  • Series «О2»: Мedium – capacity up to 4 people
  • Series «О2»: Large – capacity up to 6 people
ЁLKI franchise opportunities
  • Series «A-FRAME»: L – capacity up to 4 people
  • Series «A-FRAME»: XL – capacity up to 6 people

Terms of the franchise ЁLKI

We offer you to become the owner of a country recreation complex with intelligent house control technology, with a profitability from 6 850$ to 13 700$ / month.

The complex includes infrastructure and a park of cabins. The project is economically successful when giving for rent from 3 cabins with a capacity of 4 to 6 people.

You invest in cabins and infrastructure development. For launching a recreation center of 3 cabins, it will take from 274 000$. You control the construction of the village and are involved in the maintenance of the complex after launch.

We will provide the technological part of equipping the complex and supply houses with a factory warranty for 5 years and a design life of at least 25 years. We buy a plot of land and conclude a long-term lease agreement with you for 49 years with registration in Rosreestr. A team of our specialists will lead the project and travel to control the main stages of construction, test smart cabins systems before the official opening.

We take on the task of attracting guests, working with social medias and supervising the display of information on booking sites.

Our task is to create a network of successful out-of-town bases with a unified reservation system and the ЁLKI out-of-town recreation service.

Franchise fee - 10% of the total investment.
Royalty - 10% of monthly revenue.
Payback from 30 months.

best franchise to own - ЁLKI Franchise

Ёlki team offers

  • We are interested in working with one franchisee in the city. It is possible to manage several objects.
  • Technical documentation for cabins.
  • Help with the construction and equipping of cabins on a turnkey basis.
  • Ready-made utility block is supplied in complex with cabins, in which all the internal equipment of houses is delivered for "turnkey" decoration
  • Participation in the construction, start-up and operation stages
  • You can attract local investors. We will explain the mechanics of finding and working with investors.
  • We guarantee selection of locations, legal due diligence
  • We guarantee getting to the planned load of the recreation center
  • Focus on the development of your city: a powerful stream of targeted advertising to the city. We collect the entire audience of the region. We get the maximum number of subscribers. We use tools in which we pay for a client once, but use it all life.
best franchise to invest in - ЁLKI Franchise

How much does the ЁLKI franchise cost?

SamPRACHKA has a franchise fee ranges from $27 400, with a total initial investment from $274 000.

Initial investments: from $274 000 (Including franchise fee.)
Franchise fee: 10 % from the total invest amount from $27 400
Royalties: 10% from the monthly turnover
Payback period: from 30 months

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Guests’ reviews at the website Booking

ЁLKI franchise requirements

Grade 8,8
Excellent 10 reviews

What guests liked:

“Can tell one thing – next time we will come only to you! Long time we haven’t found such good options based price and quality! Photos on the web site correspond to what was in cabin and in the yard”

Oleg, Russia

“Thank you so much for the comfortable accommodation in your cabin! It is very cozy, has all needed. Everything is bright, stylish. TV, wi-fi, fridge, coffee machine, washing machine. Sauna!”

Irina, Russia

“We like the cabin a lot – all facilities are accommodated within very small area. Terrace – just bombic! At the beginning we worried that it will be little space for 6. In fact it was super”

ЁLKI Franchise Business Model

Breakthrough ideas of ЁLKI business-model

  • Increased business profitability by reducing the number of staff. Refused from a dozen reception staff and other service personnel. On average, our approach saves up to $4 100 / month.
  • Workers of the cleaning service are paid piece-rate for their work.
  • Our model of work: expense appears only with income.
  • Unlike the hotel business, ЁLKI profitable real estate is much easier to manage and more profitable due to high-margin additional services for recreation: sauna, bike rental, rest with a pet, barbecue set, etc.
  • We have reduced operating expenses and keep them in the corridor to 35% from the revenue.
buy a ЁLKI franchise

Profit calculation:

Calculation of the complex for 3 cabins. Look how the complex’s profit is coming for the year:

  2 cabins medium 1 cabin large
Average rental cost for 1 cabin, USD 79$ 84$
Additional income from sauna rent 31$ 19$
Loading, days per month 20 20
Turnover, month 4 377$ 2 057$
Royalty, month 10% 10%
Turnover per month, excluding operational expanses 851$ 545$
Turnover per year, excluding operational expanses 68,5$ 41$
Total profit from the rent of 5 cabins per year: 46 790$

Administrative and household expanses per year

  Amount per month Amount per year
Site rent 501$ 6 026$
Cleaning 712$ 8 547$
Consumables, detergents 41$ 493$
Laundry 68,5$ 822$
Engineering service 68,5$ 822$
Unlimited internet 14$ 164$
Electricity 137$ 1 643$
Total expanses for maintenance cost per year: 18 508$
Profit from the complex with 3 cabins per year: 28 285$
Average profit for the franchisee per month: 2 356$/month
This is the business for you, if:
  • you are interested in renting real estate,
  • you own real estate objects,
  • you are attracted to investment activities,
  • you are the business owner,
  • you are capable of running a complex micro-business (construction and rental).
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