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Baikal-Alaska Franchise Opportunities

Baikal-Alaska franchise

The thematic hotel Baikal-Alaska in Irkutsk will be open in 2021. The hotel is dedicated to the expedition Baikal-Alaska which was hold in 2017-2019 and passed more than 15,000 km of the way from Lake Baikal (Siberia)to Alaska. The hotel has 48 rooms (32 Standards, 10 Luxe rooms, 6 Lodge apartments). All rooms have the individual design and are divided into 6 thematic groups: Lake Baikal, Yakutia, Okhotsk Sea, Kamchatka, Chukchi Peninsula, Alaska. The hotel is located at the territory of the sport-park Polyana with more than 10 activities.

We invite you to invest into hotel rooms from $26,800.

Certification of the hotel - 3 stars

  • 32 rooms"Standard" (double rooms, area 26 m²).
  • 10 two-storied rooms "Luxe" (room for 4 persons, area 50 m²).
  • 6 two-storied rooms "Lodge" (for 6-8 persons, area – 88 m²).
  • All rooms have the individual design and are divided into 6 thematic zones.
  • The hotel is connected with the central networks of water supply and sewerage.
  • The restaurant "Wardroom" in the hotel is for 80 (in winter) / 130 (in summer) seating places.
  • The functioning object sport park "Polyana" with 15 entertainment types and general capacity till 3,500 people.
Baikal-Alaska franchise for sale

Size of hotel

The hotel has 48 rooms for 117 people.

32 Standard rooms – 26 m²;
10 Luxe rooms – 50 m²;
6 Lodge rooms – 88 m².

Baikal-Alaska franchise cost

Baikal-Alaska Franchise Offer

We offer you to consider the possibility of investment into the thematic hotel "Baikal-Alaska" in Irkutsk.

The Standard room – from $26,800
The Luxe room – from $46,850
The Lodge room – from $92,360

Baikal-Alaska franchise to own

How much does the Baikal-Alaska Hotel franchise cost?

Baikal-Alaska has a franchise fee from $5,170, with a total initial investment from $26,800.

Initial investments: from $26,800
Sum for the hotel room.

Payback period: 4 years
Average turnover per month: $1,000/room
Royalties: none
Franchise fees: from $5,170 per year
Management company services, agent’s commissions, electricity, heating, water supply and sanitation, sublease of the land plot.

Other current payments: none

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Baikal-Alaska franchise investment

Success story

The expedition Baikal-Alaska was the first expedition which repeated the way of Siberian merchants in last 150 years! The expedition started in Irkutsk (Siberia, Lake Baikal) in 2017 and finished in 2019. More than 40 participants passed more than 15.000 km from Irkutsk to Alaska. The expedition passed through 7 regions in Russia and Alaska.

After expedition it was published a book, it is making a film, the biggest result is the building of the thematic hotel Baikal-Alaska which will be a small geographic journey for guests. Each room of the hotel is dedicated to the most interesting spots of the expedition (Northern Baikal Lake, Lena River, Dezhnev Cape etc.). We invite you to invest into rooms of the hotel. The hotel Baikal-Alaska will be open in summer 2021.

Baikal-Alaska Franchise Business Model

Investment into the Standard room – from $26,000
Monthly income for the Standard room – from $575
Annual income for the Standard room – from $12,000
Annual expenses for the Standard room – from $5,170
Annual income of the investor – from $6,900

Baikal-Alaska franchise fee
Requirements to buy baikal-alaska franchise
  • Contact us
  • Subscribe the preliminary contract with the LLC Baikalov
  • Sign the work agreement about the building of the object
  • Subscribe the sublease contract for the land plot
  • Subscribe the contract for the object management between the investor and LLC Baikalov

Baikal-Alaska Franchise Advantages

The thematic hotel Baikal-Alaska has the unique theme of the expedition Baikal-Alaska which will attract experienced travelers.

The hotel will have a restaurant, parking, laundry, sauna with an ice hole, open pool with heating, 11 activity kinds, tourist products, park at the riverside, souvenirs.

  • Current price at the market. The price for double room in Irkutsk $120 - $430 is a stabile tendency between average hotels in Irkutsk. Therefore, the price for the room in the hotel "Baikal-Alaska" – $60 - $230 - suit the market prices.
  • The management company "Tour operator Baikalov" serve 3,000 own tourists per year. After hotel start the company will place own tourists on the priority basis in the park-hotel ""Baikal-Alaska which will provide the maximum loading.
  • The presence of the entertainment park. The privileges for the hotel guests by visiting of the entertainment park (free visiting of the summer swimming pool, sauna, discounts for the rope park and observation wheel).
  • The profitable price and room equipment. The hotel "Baikal-Alaska" has advantages in size, price and number of storeys. In the compared hotels there are no analogs for a double room of 26 m² for the price $60 or the "Luxe" room of 50 m² for $110. The two-storied "Lodge" room of 88 m² is bigger than in other hotels and costs $230. In the compared hotels the biggest room of 72 m² costs $430.
  • Unique location. The hotel "Baikal-Alaska" has a access to the developed infrastructure of the city and nature closeness. All compared hotels are located in the busy center of Irkutsk and have no access to nature. The hotel "Baikal-Alaska" will be built at the coast of Angara River and have a nice view at the river and the access to water (20 m).
  • Expedition "Baikal-Alaska" is the thematic driver of the hotel development. In comparison with other hotels the hotel "Baikal-Alaska" has the strong media instrument about the expedition: a book, a film, a serial, social media, further expeditions.
  • Travelers community. The hotel will be popular for people who travels at Lake Baikal to see the ethnic culture, cuisine, history, wild nature, impressive adventures. The travelers are able to get to know each other, to share their experience and impressions. The hotel is like a small geographic journey from Irkutsk to Sitka, in the hotel restaurant it will be happening the travel-meetings of the expedition club and parties for travelers.
  • Various entertainments. The guests of the hotel "Baikal-Alaska" have more that 15 kinds of entertainments what differs the hotel from other. Very popular ist the russian steam sauna at the riverside.
  • Corporative clients. The corporative clients will evaluate positively the good infrastructure, location and activities in the territory of the hotel "Baikal-Alaska".
Baikal-Alaska franchise opportunities
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