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Sophia Home Decoration franchise opportunities

We are the most successful business opportunity for those who are enthusiastic about interior design.

Sophia is a franchise company that specializes in the drapes and curtains industry, offering a wide range of customizable window treatment options.

With a powerful reputation and established brand presence, Sophia offers franchisees a solid foundation for success

Sophia Home Decoration franchise opportunities

At Sophia Company, our mission is to extend the artistry of custom-made drapes and curtains to communities everywhere. Through a dynamic franchising model, we empower passionate entrepreneurs to bring the luxury of window treatments to every corner of the globe. Committed to maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship, design innovation and customer satisfaction, we aim to build a network of successful franchise partners dedicated to transforming spaces and creating unforgettable experiences for their clients.

Our mission is not just about selling curtains: it is about building a legacy of style, entrepreneurship and excellence in window fashion across diverse markets.
Join us in redefining the drapery industry, one franchise at a time.

Sophia Home Decoration franchise

Anamaria Ștefan Georgescu founded the Sophia brand in 2004 with a visionary ambition: to introduce a distinctive business concept in Romania, centered around the expansion of a national and international franchise network specializing in bespoke interior decoration. Our emphasis lies in delivering custom-made products and design consultation, with a particular focus on luxury curtains and sheers.

The Sophia journey commenced in Iași - Romania in 2004 and within a year, the inaugural franchise store opened its doors. Fast forward to today, we proudly oversee a network of 30 franchises across Romania and one in Miami, USA.

With 20 years of dedicated experience, we have consistently evolved to provide our partners with comprehensive support, ensuring the success of their businesses.

Between 2010 and 2013, our involvement in the UK market, coupled with participation in 16 international fairs across Paris, Milan, London, Dubai and the USA, played a pivotal role in establishing the global presence of the Sophia brand.
This period of engagement not only heightened our international recognition but also provided invaluable insights that allowed us to refine and tailor the franchise business concept to perfection.

Sophia Home Decoration franchise - building

Size of area

For a Sophia Home Decoration franchise, the size of stores and sales offices may vary based on location, target market, and available space. Here's a general description:

  1. Stores: Sophia Home Decoration stores typically range from moderate to spacious sizes, depending on the inventory and services offered. They are designed to create an inviting atmosphere for customers, with well-organized displays showcasing a variety of home décor products such as furniture, textiles, accessories, and artwork. The layout is carefully planned to facilitate easy browsing and inspiration for customers seeking to enhance their living spaces.
  2. Sales Offices: Sales offices for Sophia Home Decoration franchises serve as hubs for managing business operations, client interactions, and sales activities. These offices are often located in commercial areas with convenient access for both franchise owners and clients. They feature comfortable meeting spaces, administrative areas, and technology infrastructure to support sales presentations, order processing and customer service. The ambiance reflects the brand's elegance and sophistication, reinforcing the company's commitment to quality and excellence in home decoration services.


Key Partnerships

  1. Interior Design Associations
  2. Real Estate Agents and Agencies
  3. Local Business Associations
  4. Event Planners
  5. Partner with local newspapers, magazines and online publications
  6. Alliances with local community organizations, charities or non-profits
  7. Networking Groups
  8. Financial Institutions
  9. Upholstery
  10. Home and Lifestyle Influencers
  11. Partnerships with complementary businesses, such as furniture stores or home improvement companies

Key Activities

  1. Showroom Management
  2. Customer Counselling for custom made curtains and soft furnishing.
  3. Order Management
  4. Local Marketing and Promotions
  5. Networking
  6. Continuous Learning/ Industry Trends
  7. Collaborations with Interior Designers
  8. Customer Relationship Management

Value Proposition

This is an overview of how Sophia Home Decoration can create and deliver value to customers in Orange County while ensuring a successful and sustainable franchise model:

Sophia Home Decoration provides a blend of artisanal expertise and global excellence in windows treatment.

As a franchisee, you can provide customers with personalized drapes, sheers and curtains, allowing them to showcase their unique style.

Our extensive training and ongoing support ensure your success in Orange County's high-end market.

Customer Relationships

Sophia's customers in Orange County want to make their homes look and feel amazing. They're aiming to show off their own style with personalized and fancy home decor. Whether it's curtains, sheers or drapes, they're going for a special look that makes their homes stand out and feel super cozy. The main idea is to create a space that's uniquely theirs, full of luxury and timeless charm.

Customer Segments

  1. Homeowners, B2C
  2. Architects and designers
  3. Realty developers
  4. Hotels
  5. Restaurants
  6. Coffee Shops
  7. Cruise ship owners
  8. City halls and public institutions, museums, municipal buildings, public facilities, government institutions
  9. Upholsterers

Key Resources

  1. Showroom Infrastructure
  2. Brand Reputation
  3. Exclusive Design Portfolio
  4. ERP and Customized Orders’ Management
  5. Training Programs
  6. Operational Guidelines and Best Practices
  7. Customer Support and Service
  8. Sophia textiles on stock (200.000 m) and 170 exclusive new collections
  9. Franchise Support System

Channels (physical and digital channels)

  1. Local Showroom
  2. Online Presence
  3. Collaborations with Local Business Associations
  4. Collaborations with Real Estate Agents
  5. Targeted Digital Marketing Campaigns
  6. Networking Events

How much does the Sophia Home Decoration franchise cost?

Sophia Home Decoration has a franchise fee of $15,000, with a total initial investment from $43,500.

Initial Investment: starting with $43,500
Payback period: 12 months
Average turnover per month: $30,000
Royalties: 5%
Franchise fees: $15,000
Other current payments:

Additional Expenses of the Franchisee:

Start-up expenses
Store fitout (Latex emulsion pain, wood flooring, extensible ceiling, lights) from 10000 €
Purchase of staff equipment and personalised packaging from the franchisor from 500 €
Marketing Kitfrom 800 €
Installation Kit from 800 €
Kit for decorator on field from 1000 €
Logistics Kit* (car for the installation services, computer, LCD, cash register)
*The evaluation of the logistic kit will be according to the preferences of the franchisee and the budget available

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For 50-70 sqm area

For 70-100 sqm area

For 100-200 sqm area
FRANCHISE FEE15000 €15000 €15000 €
Textile decor (voiles, curtains, fabrics)10000 €13000 €20000 €
Accessories (cushion cover, bed cover, bed linen)2500 €3000 €4000 €
Curtain rails and display5000 €7000 €10000 €
Furniture5000 €7000 €12000 €
Hangers (140 pcs + 5 standers)3000 €3000 €3000 €
Store concept design & marketing plan3000 €4000 €5000 €
Tailored workshop license--5000 €
Total start-up investment for the franchisees in the EU43500 €52000 €74000 €
For the non-EU franchisees, the franchise fee is 25000 €.
  —   Royalties fee 5%
  —   Marketing monthly fee 3%
  —   Monthly fee for use ERP custom 100 €

Additional Expenses of the Franchisee:

Start-up expenses
Store fitout (Latex emulsion pain, wood flooring, extensible ceiling, lights) from 10000 €
Purchase of staff equipment and personalised packaging from the franchisor from 500 €
Marketing Kitfrom 800 €
Installation Kit from 800 €
Kit for decorator on field from 1000 €
Logistics Kit* (car for the installation services, computer, LCD, cash register)
*The evaluation of the logistic kit will be according to the preferences of the franchisee and the budget available


As we embark on the journey of franchising our custom-made drapes and curtains business, we envision a global network of franchises synonymous with unrivaled quality, innovation and timeless elegance. Our vision is to be the foremost authority in the custom window treatment industry, with each franchise unit serving as a beacon of creativity, craftsmanship and personalized service in its local market. We aspire to create a community of successful entrepreneurs, united by a shared commitment to transforming spaces and enriching lives through the art of bespoke window fashion.

Through visionary expansion, strategic collaboration and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we see our franchising network becoming a hallmark of sophistication and distinction in the world of custom drapes and curtains.

Sophia Home Decoration

SOPHIA HOME DECORATION occupies a unique position in the custom drapes and curtains industry, where innovation, customization and unparalleled support converge. By leveraging our strengths and addressing areas for improvement, we aim to solidify our standing as the premier choice for customers seeking not just window treatments but curated experiences that transform their living spaces.

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