Jour Franchise For Sale - Healthy Restaurant Chain

Description of Jour franchise

Jour is a committed and healthy restaurant chain that offers high quality custom made salad to consume on site, take out or delivery.

JOUR Franchise Business

Healthy Food

Precursor of custom salad in 2003, Jour specialized in healthy food, an idea of eating fast and healthy thanks to local suppliers and regarding to seasons. A full menu offering fresh and delicious meals with a great nutritional potential: minute made salads, hot dishes, originals desserts and homemade fruit juices.

JOUR - Healthy Food Franchise Opportunity

Our assistance

Before the launching of your restaurant and all throughout our partnership we’ll give you assistance.

  • Before the opening
    • Search site
    • The study of commercial leases
    • The landlord/seller negotiations
    • The development plan of the store legal advice
    • Architecture and layout of your restaurant
    • Helping in the built of your business plan
    • Preparation for the meeting with banks
    • At least 5 weeks of formation
    • The establishment and opening of your store
  • Throughout the duration of the adventure
    • Mystery shoppers
    • Visits
    • Audits
    • Advice
    • Continuous exchanges to improve day after day
JOUR Food Franchise Opportunity

How much does Jour franchise cost?

Jour has the franchise total initial investment of up to $336,940.

Initial investments: 300 000 € / $336,940
Average turnover per month: 50 000 € / $67,000
Royalties: 5% CA per month
Other current payments: None

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JOUR - Smart Franchise Investment
How to Start a Franchise. JOUR

Requirements for buying the franchise
  • Experience is not mandatory. We look for people who are sharing our strong values. Leadership and business-minded are also important qualities.
Size of stores, sales offices, etc.
  • On average, the store is about 100 and 150 m²: at least 70m² of “shopping area” and 30 m² for the cooking and socials areas.
Information provided: Healthy Groupe
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