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Description of Franchise Dietplus

Dietplus is the french n°1 franchise in the food rebalancing coaching business. With more than 150 centers in its own country, the brand launched its international extension in 2016, starting with Spain and Belgium.

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Brief franchise description

Dietplus, the specialist of food rebalancing, displays a unique, coaching-based method to lose weight.

The chain has more than 150 locations in France, Spain and Belgium.

The franchise is open to modest investments and doesn't require any particular diploma or background.

Specific learning, all-time assistance, numerous and useful tools help the franchisees to flourish while doing an impassioning job.

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Detailed franchise description

Dealing with weight loss requires to take different features into account. That's the reason why coach dietplus is such an extraordinary job.

An extraordinary and thrilling job, because the human factors matter more than everything else.

Most of the women and men who cross the threshold of a dietplus center are in trouble, and sometimes in despair, because of their weight. Is there anything more pleasant than being able to help them?

This job is open to anyone, even if they have no diploma or background in dietetics : thanks to dietplus' specific learning, any person ready to take care of otherts can succeed.

Franchise for Sale - Dietplus

Franchise advantages

As a dietplus franchisee:

  • you create your own business with only $11,000 of minimal personnal investments
  • you don't need any specific diploma to apply to our franchise
  • you receive a specific learning
  • you don't have to pay any royalties
  • you're making a 60% margin on the sale of exclusive products
  • you're leaning on a easy-to-learn and easy-to-implement method
  • you're enjoying easy-to-use, efficient tools
  • you are part of solid, fast-growing international group
  • you have entire support from your franchiser before, during and after the opening of you center.
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How much does Dietplus franchise cost?

Dietplus has the franchise fee of up to $8,400, with total initial investment range of $56,000 to $78,000.

Initial investments: from $56,000 to $78,000
Payback period: 4 months
Average turnover per month: $15,500
Royalties: none
Franchise fee: $8,400.

The lump-sum payment includes entrance fees, the use of the brand and the initial training.

Other current payments: purchase of exclusive products

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Requirements for buying the franchise
  • No specific background or experience are required
  • The will to help and support people in their weight loss is appreciated, as well as the taste for human relationships.
Size of stores, sales offices, etc.
  • The overall required area for a dietplus center is from 40 to 60 m².
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