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About the brand Edu3Dcation

Edu3Dcation is the only in the market company where children can learn about designing, printing, and scanning, all in 3D. More than 100 lesson scenarios developed to ensure at least 2-years course.

The Edu3dkacja company was established to conduct innovative education for children and teenagers in the field of 3D designing, 3D printing and 3D scanning. As industry experts in these fields, we see a growing need to educate future generations of engineers.

3D printing classes is a business with a huge future. Did you know that modern industries will be looking for specialists of the future? Our imagination combined with the ability to design and 3D printing gives us unlimited possibilities, even today 3D printing is used, among others in medicine, automotive, aviation, archeology, construction, and this is just the beginning.

Edu3Dcation – 3D model

The founder of the company is Arkadiusz Markowski - a graduate of the Faculty of Mechatronics at the Warsaw University of Technology, who has been involved in 3D scanning and printing in industry for almost 12 years. "For over 12 years we have been observing a continuous increase in the popularity of robotics and programming classes for children, currently there are several dozen companies specializing in robotics / programming for children on each market."

Will it be the same with 3D design, printing and scanning? We already know that the answer to this question is YES. How do we know that?

Firstly, from an industry in which a huge branch related to rapid prototyping is growing.
Secondly, from universities and high schools, where the first courses related to 3D printing are being developed and those places are being equipped with devices like 3D printers and 3D scanners.

Edu3Dcation – 3D modeling lesson

What exactly you can do with Edu3Dcation? Our main activities:

  1. Cyclical course – developed curriculum for 3 years course. Once a week we meet with our participants for 60 minutes, during this time everyone carries out the project in accordance with the instructions. All projects are printed in 3D and handed out at the next class. Groups up to 12.
  2. One-time classes – mostly for entire class (up to 30 students), where we present and teach 3D printing and designing based on the topics connected with some holidays or other occasions: Christmas tree, snowman, pumpkins, decorations.
  3. One-time classes in kindergartens, specially developed scenarios for younger children, where new 3D technologies are presented.
  4. Trainings for the teachers in primary schools.
  5. Animations, events, technology birthdays for kids.
  6. Winter/summer camps – full week, whole day (from Monday to Friday), every day is different technology and various activities.
  7. Shows/scientific demonstrations on camps for larger group (up to 200).

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Edu3Dcation Franchise Offer

To provide you a comprehensive overview of Edu3Dcation business model, the kind of partners we're looking for, and the terms of our collaboration, we've prepared a detailed video presentation.

Size of stores

You don’t need to have Your own office/training center. Our main idea is to be close to the children, it means that most of our classes and workshops are conducted directly at schools, kindergartens and cultural places.


Initial investments: $8,000

At the beginning Franchisee needs to buy at least one 3D printer and 3D scanner, other investments depends on the model of cooperation (master franchise or unit franchise). More information after phone/e-mail contact.

Payback period: 3 months
Average turnover per month: unit franchise - $15,000, master franchise depends on the region.
Royalty: depends on model of cooperation, average 10%
Franchise fee: only initial investment + royalties

What will you gain by deciding to cooperate?

  1. First of all, access to classes and workshops scenarios as well as business know-how.
  2. At start, we will give you access to lesson plans that will allow you to conduct workshops for 3 years!
  3. 5-days stationary training in Warsaw. We will teach you everything to successfully start running your own classes.
  4. Original educational program, lesson plans with videos, instructions, presentations and other materials.
  5. Scenarios of various activities, i.e. thematic workshops, scientific shows, birthdays.
  6. Support in purchasing equipment and necessary materials.
  7. Access to a database of marketing materials in electronic form.
  8. We provide territory exclusivity in your location/country.
  9. The right to use the Edu3Dcation trademark.
  10. The future of the industry lies in modern technologies, and as a result, the interest in learning about them is growing - this is your chance!

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Edu3Dcation – 3D model creation

Additional information

We do not require knowledge in the field of 3D printing, 3D design and 3D scanning, it is our responsibility to pass the knowledge on to our partners.

Success story

Wojtek is a businessmen from Poland, he had no previous experience in the education aera, he trusted in our business plan and started cooperation with Edu3Dcation in July 2021. From September 2021, he started cyclical classes, after three months, about 400 children a week took part in his classes. In November, Wojtek expanded the franchise area for three more cities.

In December 2021, the "Laboratory of the future" program was launched in Polish primary schools, under which each primary school was equipped with a 3D printer. Wojtek, as an expert in this field, installed and trained teachers in over 20 schools. The period September-December 2021 ended with $ 70,000 profit, so their initial investment paid back several times.



  • Master franchise,
  • Unit franchise.

Master franchise earning ways:

  1. own region, own classes: fees from course participants
  2. initial license fees paid by the sub-franchisees,
  3. monthly royalties from the facilities run by franchisees.

Unit franchise earning ways:

  1. own region, own classes: fees from course participants
Edu3Dcation – 3D designing


  • running a business or willing to establish one,
  • highly developed communication skills,
  • ability to work with children,
  • good knowledge of the local education sector,
  • organizational and management skills,
  • providing high-quality courses, in accordance with the Edu3Dcation methodology,
  • reliability in conducting educational activities in your region, and thus building the Edu3Dcation brand.


  • The only company with this kind of classes in the market
  • Great for children as a next step after lego or programing classes
  • Interesting variation for popular programming and lego schools
  • 5-days stationary training in Warsaw
  • Ready-to-use concept with all materials prepared
Edu3Dcation – 3D prints
  • Starting investments from:
  • Company type:
    Child education
  • Year company was founded
  • Year of launching franchise
  • Franchised companies
    70 in Poland, 4 Master Franchise units in other countries
  • Owned companies
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