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Investment from $140

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Investment from $1,000,000

How much does it cost to start a renewable energy franchise?

Renewable energy franchises are aimed at the sale and production of green energy products and energy conservation measures. Climate change and the deterioration of the state of the environment have prompted many people to consider using new kinds of energy to reduce carbon print and harmful emissions. Companies started to turn to renewable energy franchises for all kinds of eco-friendly solutions for their business.

The cost of opening a renewable energy franchise differs depending on the brand. On average, entrepreneurs can expect to invest at least $30,000-$100,000.

How to start a renewable energy franchise

If you’re interested in a renewable energy franchise, then the first thing you need to do is explore franchise options and determine the brand that you want to work with. If the franchisor considers you a compatible candidate, then you’ll be presented with a franchise agreement. After you sign it and pay a franchise fee, your journey begins. There will be training, search, approval of the location, and recruiting staff. Finally, the grand opening.

Fees and taxes

Typically, brands require franchisees to cover an initial franchise fee and ongoing payments, like royalty and advertising fees. Each parent company has established its own amount of these fees. So, the expected costs differ from brand to brand.

Trends and facts about renewable energy franchises in 2023

  • The renewable energy franchise industry rapidly grows. More and more companies start to implement eco-friendly business solutions, and renewable energy franchises help them to achieve it quickly and cost-efficiently;
  • Renewable energy is a popular trend worldwide. People have become more eco-conscientious, and they are ready to spend money and resources to save the environment;
  • The most popular kinds of renewable energy are solar, wind, and water;
  • The best regions to open a renewable energy franchise are those that strive to become predominantly reliant on renewable energy;
  • The solar energy market has the fastest growth rates;