About our seminars and webinars

Topfranchise workshops are held around the world for groups of business owners looking for information on transforming their business into a franchise. The duration of these workshops ranges from three hours to two days. Topfranchise also hosts weekly 90 minute online webinars, followed by a private consultation with a senior Topfranchise specialist. Topfranchise workshops are designed for business owners to learn about franchising as a growth strategy. Whether you are looking for reliable information on the benefits of franchising or your system is ready for duplication, Topfranchise workshops are a great way to interact with professionals in the field and get your own franchise in no time. You will leave our seminar with an in-depth understanding of the risks, costs and likely returns in franchising your business. Each Topfranchise seminar is led by a senior Topfranchise specialist who runs dozens of companies like yours that are currently in the process of franchising. Call our phone to contact a TopFranchise analyst and register for the next seminar in your area. Check out our upcoming events calendar to keep up to date with future seminars.