Advertising and marketing services

When you have identified where you want to sell your franchises during the planning phase and have created a portrait of your potential franchise recipient, you need to determine how to get your message across. Some of the ways include advertising in the media, appearing at business trade shows, seminars, direct mail, and online advertising. You will also have to create content that will contain this message, including an advertisement, a franchise brochure, or a promotional video.

Franchise Marketing Plan

Topfranchise will develop a comprehensive franchise sales generation plan. A plan based on an understanding of customer expansion goals and the profile of the target franchise owner will recommend specific marketing activities and will include relevant creative materials such as direct mail letters and copies and layouts of franchise sale advertisements that can be used in a campaign for the sale of a franchise. The marketing plan will include specific media proposals, campaign budget and campaign schedule. It will also contain useful information on topics such as legal restrictions on franchise marketing, how to get advertising and whether to conduct seminars and participate in trade shows. The announcement and letter will be developed in the context of Topfranchise's experience, taking into account the guidelines set by the FTC and the various government regulatory agencies whose approval is required before any promotional material can be used in connection with a franchise offer.

Franchise Brochure

Topfranchise will design a copy and layout of a four-color brochure of approximately six to twelve pages, plus a cover designed to describe the client's franchise and encourage potential franchisees to buy a franchise. The brochure will describe in detail the distinguishing feature of the franchise concept, the benefits of the franchise program, and the market for its products and services.