Franchise Checklist

  1. Assessing the feasibility of franchising in your case

Collect information:

  • Attend franchise seminars and webinars
  • Read books about franchising
  • Talk to a franchise analyst
  • Take the Franchise Test
  • Consider all your growth options
  • Internal growth
  • Search for investors
  • Business opportunity
  • Licensing
  1. Meeting with a franchise specialist
  • Tour of headquarters
  • Have the systems that the consulting firm is guided by in developing your franchise program have been checked?
  • In-House
  • Outsourcing
  • How many years has your firm been in business
  • View the list of clients
  • Recommendations for calls
  • What work did the consulting company do to direct
  • Why did they decide to work with a consulting company
  • Work done at home by full-time workers
  • Is it clear that communication between the staff working on your program does not involve barriers such as:
  • Do not work together
  • Have to work by talking on the phone, not face to face
  • How many times a week do employees see each other
  • Work in different places
  • Is there a project manager who will lead your project.
  1. Do you really want a franchise?
  • Meet with specialists face to face in their office for consultation
  • Talk to business consultants, close friends and family
  • Assess your current resources to move forward with franchising
  • Financial
  • Human
  • "Soul" or drive
  1. Moving forward with franchising
  • Hiring a specialist and finding a suitable company
  • Do they have a proven business system
  • Visit a place of business
  • Hiring a lawyer
  1. Mistakes to avoid during considering franchising
  • Don't make assumptions
  • Do not only meet with a lawyer
  • Legal documents do not run the business
  • All lawyers claim to be experts in franchising
  • A franchise is not easy to manage if you have never done it before
  • Developing a franchise company is very different from being a franchisee