Operations manual

Topfranchise will develop a detailed operating manual detailing all the tasks required to run a business, from opening a division to closing it. The operating manual will be an important reference for your franchisees after completing the training.

Initial analysis and table of contents

Topfranchise will develop a preliminary table of contents, which will identify and describe the topics that should be covered in a detailed franchise guide. Based on the discussion after the first meeting with the client and materials provided by the client, this table of contents will reflect Topfranchise's initial understanding of franchise-related issues and will be tailored specifically to the franchise concept.

It will also indicate the points at which you need to make reference to the provisions of the franchise agreement in the manual, and will indicate the areas for which it will be necessary to develop systems for monitoring the performance of the franchisee. The concept is designed to assist in the implementation of the franchise program and will further serve to control the situation in the most disturbing places. If the situation in any of the disturbing areas starts to get out of control, an operating specialist will visit the site.

On-site analysis and consultation

Topfranchise will advise you on the operations and visit the customer's facility to get a first-hand look at the customer's operations and discuss the preliminary plan. If the client approves, the specialist will determine the style, scope and format of the manual, document the procedures, collecting all the materials that should be included in the manual.

Franchise Operations Guide

Topfranchise will create a personalized, in-depth guide that includes the information you need to run your franchise. Its content will be based on insights gained from client meetings, business oversight, final franchise documents prepared for the program, and Topfranchise's extensive experience.

Ready table of contents and revision of the client's manual

For clients who prefer to write their own manuals, Topfranchise will provide the client with a checked table of contents and will edit the client's manual.