The first steps

Our first step is to determine your company's eligibility for franchising. Topfranchise is different from other companies that are focused on selling their services. It is important for us to work only with those companies that are ready for franchising. We want you to be aware of the franchise process and how long you must wait to successfully promote your franchise.

We will help you speed up the franchising process without interfering with the potential of your idea.

If you don't have a franchise yet, but you have the necessary resources, Topfranchise can help you to develop a franchise from scratch.

Everything under one roof.

Successful methods create successful franchises, and our unique proven method maximizes your chances of success and minimizes costly mistakes. In franchising, as in many other areas, there is no substitute for experience. Topfranchise's professional staff are some of the most experienced in franchising and you can count on our many years of collective experience. We are considered the industry leader for a reason. All work is done internally and not delegated to external contractors who may not have experience in franchising.

We employ a full-time professional staff to create the franchise structure, franchise documents, marketing strategies and materials, operating manuals, sales training, video presentations and general consulting.

Information about each client is distributed among the specialists involved in the work on the franchise, which ensures that each part of the work is performed by professionals in their field and the high final quality of the franchise.

Comprehensive franchise development program.

It's okay to be nervous about what's to come if you've never done it before. Topfranchise has developed a step-by-step procedure to support you in the franchise creation process. When you first contact us, you will not receive a standard sales brochure.

When you leave your first meeting with one of our specialists, you will come out with a concrete plan of action and begin the process of creating your franchise.

Franchise structure - As a first step in starting a franchise, Topfranchise employees prepare a written franchise analysis based on your business and its competitive advantages over other similar companies.

Franchise agreement - Topfranchise lawyers, with the participation of Topfranchise marketing and operational management specialists, will develop agreements, nondisclosure agreements that will link you with your franchisees.

Government Registration Materials - State requirements vary and Topfranchise staff will gather the relevant materials and prepare the necessary paperwork required by each State where you want to sell your franchise.

Business Instruction - Everything from company principles to advertising, from franchisee reporting to recruiting, from equipment purchases to day-to-day logistics will be included in your franchise operating manual.

A marketing plan is all about helping your marketing team responsible for lead generation and franchise sales, Topfranchise's marketing team provides a media strategy, media budget, and media event schedule. We also design ad units and layouts and / or direct mail materials to generate interest from your targeted franchise potential customers.

Sales Proposal - Since a prospect's first impression of your franchise is often created by a brochure, Topfranchise will develop a sales proposal with an emphasis on captivating graphic design and detail the important elements of your franchise that make it attractive to potential franchise investors.

Franchise Sales Training - During a two-day workshop, Topfranchise will instruct your franchise sales staff on all elements of the process, from legal considerations to closing deals.

Implementation consulting - you will always have ready access to the professional assistance of Topfranchise specialists at critical moments in the development of your franchise.

Whenever you have a problem or question, you can consult any member of our franchise development team for free. In addition, you will also receive a copyrighted

A 200-page document base and guide covering all topics of concern to your franchisee and franchise sales.

Our success story.

Topfranchise has the most successful stories ever! Check out our track record of clients who have succeeded with Topfranchise and how we have become a determining factor in their franchising success. Explore the history behind our success to understand how Topfranchise became the leader in the franchise industry and why it matters to you. Attend our upcoming seminars every month to meet our satisfied customers and TopFranchise specialists.

Also visit our headquarters in Boston to see where all the work is happening.

All companies are different, so we give each business an individual franchise development strategy.

If you think you can build your franchise and that we can be of service to you, please give us a call to speak directly with one of Topfranchise's senior professionals. Contact us and find out how Topfranchise can help you build your franchise.

Differences between Topfranchise and our competitors can also be seen in our pricing policy. We understand the financial issues of owner-managed companies, so we offer you various payment options for our services.