How to build a successful franchise. The proven Topfranchise method.

The proven Topfranchise method

1. Franchising your business. Seminars and webinars.

Topfranchise offers a one-day training course for franchisors about the appropriate steps and marketing tools needed to grow a franchise to the next level. Franchisors will learn how to identify the ideal customer type your franchise is looking for, how to strengthen a brand through online marketing and understand Google Analytics, create an advertising budget, develop a marketing plan, create a website, understand social media tools, and how to shape yourself as a franchisor, and where and how to advertise your franchise in print, online, and at trade shows.

Do you want to know how franchising works? How it stacks up against other forms of business expansion, and what tools exist to protect you? Attend franchised business seminars held in cities across the country. These seminars, led by senior professionals at Topfranchise, are designed to answer your questions and give you a better understanding of the costs, timelines and working capital that are typically required to grow through a franchise.

2. Tour to Topfranchise

As business owners and executives looking at franchising as an expansion strategy, we invite you to visit our head office in Boston. Here you can visit all our departments, meet with employees and senior managers, and familiarize yourself with the documents required for the effective development of franchising.

Your time with us will give you a detailed understanding of the unique Topfranchise experience and how that experience fits your expansion needs.

3. Consultation

Is franchising right for your business? How long does it take to turn your business into a franchise? What costs can you expect? These are just a few of the questions that you will receive answers to during the meeting with a senior specialist.

A Topfranchise consultation is usually a face-to-face meeting that will allow you to receive an impartial assessment of your business and its readiness to franchise from a professional with extensive business experience and exceptional franchising competence.

4. Development of the franchise

Franchising development is our area of expertise. Whether you are developing a completely new franchise, reworking an existing one, or repurposing a company, Topfranchise has extensive experience in a wide variety of franchise industries. Franchise development includes the development of an expansion strategy, legal documents, operating manuals and marketing materials. These documents are created by the team assigned to your program, who work closely with your company and staff to create materials that meet your expectations and support your franchise sales.

5. Franchise sales training

Topfranchise also functions as a broker for our clients, as part of our franchise services Topfranchise provides franchise sales trainings for new and existing franchisors. Clients are trained by industry experts with years of franchise sales experience. Clients receive guidance and personalized instructions on how to sell effectively.

Topfranchise provides implementation consultancy on an ongoing basis to ensure that the received information is effectively used to achieve sales.

6. Training in franchise management

Topfranchise runs a two-day franchise management training course designed to educate management about the complexities of operating and managing a growing franchise organization. Listeners are provided with detailed and comprehensive tutorials on the following franchising segments:

  • Creation of a franchise organization
  • Training your franchisees
  • Ensuring effective local support
  • Marketing in franchising
  • Compliance of the franchisor
  • Franchisee relationship

7. Document audit services

While franchisors have specific needs that differ from company to company, there are some basic needs that remain the same for all franchise organizations.  To all franchisors need speed, accuracy in keeping their documents in line with the current market situation. Experience and flexibility are critical.

Topfranchise is ideally structured to meet these needs. From a single document revision to an entire system audit, Topfranchise adapts to the needs of each of our clients. We have the resources and experience to timely assess the problem, propose solutions and implement them.