What are some low-cost franchise options for you?

If your budget is limited, but you desire to start your own business right away, there are some cheap franchises that require only $10 000 - $20 000 in investment. For example, PunctureSafe, Tendata, Tenacious Techies, Variety Fashion Boutique, etc. By acquiring an inexpensive franchise, you save money and gain the knowledge, support and guidance from a franchisor. Cheap franchises offer you a chance to open a fairly profitable establishment. 

The most recognized and rather profitable franchises are in the segments of vending machines, coffee shops, terminals, online clothing and footwear stores, rental service, IT, and delivery. Franchises in these industries require minimal investment, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time to operate them. Usually, cheap franchises can be used as sources of passive income.