What to expect?

People are often surprised when they first call Topfranchise. Most likely, they expect persistence from us. We don't just do business. We understand that the decision on the franchise must be taken with a cool head. Please contact us if:

  • If you have an idea that should go to market quickly
  • You can ask us for help in accelerating the development of your own franchise.
  • If you have funding, we can help you get your idea to market and franchise it.

Topfranchise is a reliable and experienced company that offers unique value to our customers - a differentiator that matters to your success as a franchisor. When you call Topfranchise during business hours, a real expert answers the phone, not a call center employee.

You and your analyst will discuss the current development of your company and the next steps to turn your business into a franchise.

Webinars and Seminars

You may be invited to a Topfranchise seminar or other upcoming events to meet in person with a Topfranchise franchise specialist and learn more about your franchise potential. You may be invited to visit our headquarters in Boston. We will be glad if you see our head office, get to know our team, personally familiarize yourself with our track record using the examples of companies we have helped to go through the same processes that you are considering for yourself. You will meet with a Senior Franchise Analyst to discuss your options for franchise development, as well as familiarize yourself with Topfranchise's proven "20 Steps" method.

This is a proven method that has proven effective over the years. By the time you leave your first meeting with one of our analysts, you will have come out with a concrete plan of action to build your franchise empire.

In preparation for the meeting with TopFranchise.

If you'd like to better prepare before your meeting, do the following:

  • Ask yourself the question, "Is your company a good fit for a franchise?"
  • Download our Franchise Worksheet to evaluate the business yourself
  • Take the franchise test on our website

Now that you know what to expect, would you like to quickly get started with Topfranchise's services to grow your franchise?

You can make an appointment with a specialist online; call us directly; leave a request on the website and we will call you back.