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About the brand «i-Coffee.me»

Do you want to make profit of $1.7mln. by the 5th year after launching your business? We know how to do that, but, first of all, a little bit about i-Coffee.me.

i-Coffee.me is a multi-format automated retail outlet that operates without staff and has specialised software, an analytics system and a powerful marketing module. The i-Coffee brand is part of i-Retail, which has a rich history in IT development.

Since 1998 our company has been developing specialised IT-services for retail and supplies modern equipment, that is why i-Coffee.me has no analogues in the market.

i-Coffee.me - software

i-Coffee.me uses only professional equipment and perfect quality products to maintain the high quality of the finished product.

i-Coffee.me is a dynamically growing chain based on two operating principles:

  • Only quality ingredients - coffee shop uses freshly roasted 100% Arabica coffee beans, natural selected milk and pure drinking water.
  • Modern IT technologies - coffee shop is equipped with its own automation system, a powerful marketing module, a CRM platform with detailed online statistics, consumable control sensors, an electronic service log, a smart returns system, machine vision and many other advanced technologies.

Thanks to high technology, the formats can be combined with each other, making it possible to build an individual i-Coffee.me model according to the customer's needs. Our in-house developed software and full automatisation allow you to keep everything under control.

Size of stores

The size of the point depends primarily on the model, the smallest model can be placed in an area of 1m2.

i-Coffee.me - cafe

i-Coffee.me Franchise Offer

We offer to open a chain of modern self-service coffee shops i-Coffee.me in your region and become a master franchisee.

A master partner is an exclusive representative in the country. It develops its chain and a chain of sub-franchisees in the allocated territory.

We provide a ready-to-use business model, equipment, software and service, as well as supply the best coffee roasted according to a special recipe.

How much does the i-Coffee.me franchise cost?

i-Coffee.me has a franchise fee ranges from $350,000, with a total initial investment from $2665,000.

Initial investments: from $2665,000

The master franchisee needs to make the following payments:

  1. Franchise fee - $350,000
  2. Salary of personnel (with taxes) - $1300,000
  3. PR, marketing, promotion - $460,000
  4. Development - $165,000
  5. Administrative expenses - $390,000

Payback period: from 35 month
Average turnover per month: each month, the franchisee's master's turnover will increase. So, by the 36th month of operation, the turnover will be $1300,000 per month.
Royalties: none
Franchise fees: from $350,000
Other current payments: none

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i-Coffee.me - model

Success story

The first launch of the coffee shop came at the height of the pandemic. The coffee shop was launched in Moscow, in a business centre. Despite the low flow of people and the self-isolation condition in the first month of operation, the coffee shop produced its first profit. Such difficult conditions made it possible to test the coffee shop and realise that i-Coffee not only has serious growth prospects, but will also be in high demand among potential customers.

i-Coffee.me Franchise Advantages

  • Full automatisation
  • Modern and innovative software with extensive functions
  • Short payback period
  • Minimal investment
  • No lump sum and no royalty
  • Supply of quality ingredients
  • Full-time support at all stages of the business
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