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Anytime Carsharing Franchise Opportunities

What is Anytime?
Anytime carsharing is part of Mikro Kapital Group holding, which is developing carsharing services under the brands Anytime, Anytime Prime and Delimobil. We are currently present in Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation and Belarus.

What is carsharing?
Carsharing is a service designed for citizens in support of community transit. It's a short-term car rental (without driver) with a “pay-as-you-go” model billed per minute, per hour or per day of use. No fees for parking, car wash, maintenance and fueling. Enjoy the comfort of own car but pay only for the drive time!

Anytime Carsharing franchise

Carsharing is an IT business. We offer technologically advanced carsharing platform which can be implemented in any market of the world considering local specifics. Using our franchise product allows our partners significantly reduce the costs of designing the platform and creating business processes. Developing such IT product from scratch is expensive both in terms of time and mistakes, which we, as the largest carsharing operator, have already studied and solved.

We believe that Anytime technologies and ideas will help our future partners build successful business in their local markets in the very short term.

Anytime Carsharing franchise for sale

Size of car service

  • Required fleet size for successful operation of the service is 400 vehicles, however, it depends on the market volume
  • The minimal headcount of the local team at the launch stage is 24 employees
  • The car makes and models are additionally agreed with Franchisor at the start of the project
Anytime Carsharing franchise cost

Franchise offer

Most private cars sit idle 95% of the time. In recent years the world is shifting to shared economy and our aim is to decrease individual car ownership, reduce traffic in the cities and improve the environment through the use of the latest car models. If you have entrepreneurial spirit and desire to change urban transport infrastructure in your country, join Anytime carsharing team and become a part of a big brand! Sharing is caring.

Anytime Carsharing franchise to own
Anytime Carsharing franchise investment
Anytime Carsharing franchise fee

How much does the Anytime Carsharing franchise cost?

Anytime Carsharing has a franchise fee ranges from $48,000, with a total initial investment from $250,000.

Initial investments: from $250,000
Initial investments depend on the size of the market, fleet size and costs of doing business in your country. Total project investment depends on the way of creating the car fleet: purchasing or leasing vehicles.

Payback period: from 18 months
Average turnover per month: $300,000
Royalties: 5%
Franchise fees: $48,000
Incl. website and mobile app creation/management/localization, trademark, training and guidelines, marketing strategy, brand book, accounts in social media/AppsFlyer/Google set up, analytics adjustment, support at all stages.

Other current payments: 1% Marketing support fee or Franchisee can choose digital support package (Light $3,600, Advanced $6,000)

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Success story

From 100 cars in the fleet to 16,000 in 5 years.
2015 – Service launch, 300 cars in the fleet by the end of the year.
2016 – 900 cars. Our clients celebrated first wedding with the use of carsharing!
2017 – 2,000 cars. Opened new regions. Launched promo campaign with Ferrari F430 Spider for loyal clients.
2018 – 5,000 cars. Added BMW, Mini and Mercedes to the fleet. Launched new international markets and Anytime prime (business and premium car subscription service).
2019 – 12,000 cars. Rebranded the service. Started preparation for an IPO.
2020 – 16,000 cars. Successfully developed B2B services during COVID-19 pandemic. Launched new cross-regional routes available for clients.
2021 – We plan to grow the existing fleet and to develop Anytime carsharing worldwide!

Anytime Carsharing franchise opportunities
buy a Anytime Carsharing franchise
best franchise to own - Anytime Carsharing Franchise

Anytime Carsharing Fanchise Business Model

  • ROI up to +50%!
  • We will prepare detailed business plan for your country depending on the market volume, type of project investment and the way of creating the fleet (purchasing/leasing/rebranding of existing fleet)
best franchise to invest in - Anytime Carsharing Franchise
Requirements to buy anytime carsharing franchise
  • Ability to obtain fleet financing through purchasing fleet or leasing vehicles
  • Desire to change urban transport infrastructure
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and motivation driven by results
  • Good credit history
  • Interest in long-term partnerships
  • Local market knowledge

Anytime Carsharing Franchise Advantages

Why Anytime carsharing?

  • Modern mobile app for IOS, Android and Huawei
  • Multi-component monitoring system for all connected vehicles
  • Unique IT software and powerful CRM-system
  • Connection, configuration and localization of Anytime software
  • Strong brand
  • Experienced management team
  • Brand Book and marketing support
  • Anytime training program which include top management preparation and a set of guidelines for each employee
  • Support 24/7
Anytime Carsharing franchise requirements
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