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Description of Arabica Coffee House Franchise

Arabica Coffee House was established in 1976 in Cleveland, Ohio. The goal of Arabica was to serve gourmet coffee in an inviting environment where our customers could relax and enjoy the nuances of a true Coffee House environment. This concept proved to be very successful and Arabica drew a huge following. In 1981 we began licensing our concept thru out Northeast Ohio and the rest is history.

​What is Specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is the term used to describe higher grades of coffee in which every aspect the coffee goes through is a concentration of the highest standard. This includes growing, picking and roasting of the coffee beans to the delivery and serving of our coffee products.  We import the finest green coffee beans from over 40 countries around the world. We roast each origin beans separate to ensure the optimum roast for each specific bean. We then blend our beans after the roasting process and distribute all over the world in our cafes,  coffee houses and private retail labels.

  These coffees are cupped and re-cupped throughout the purchasing, roasting, and packaging process to ensure that you are always getting the best quality possible. Many make this promise but few are able to deliver as consistently as we believe we do. As we like to say "The proof is in the cup"

Arabica Coffee House Franchise

Arabica Coffee House Franchise offer

Depends on store size:

  • Kiosk $10,000
  • Café-coffee house $25,000
Arabica Coffee House - Franchise Information

How much does Arabica Coffee House franchise cost?

Arabica Coffee House has the franchise fee of up to $25,000, with total initial investment range of $50,000 to $175,000.

Initial investments: $50,000-$175,000
Payback period: 6-18 months
Average turnover per month: $20,000-$65,000
Royalties: 4%
Franchise fees: $10,000-$25,000

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Business model of Arabica Coffee House Franchise

Arabica Coffee House Forecast and Business Model

Costs Fixed & VariableSales $750 DaySales $1,000 DaySales $1,500 Day
Lease Amount Monthly$4,500$150(Daily rent)$150(Daily rent)
Food Cost33% - $247.5033% - $33033% - $495
Labor Cost15% - $112.5015% - $15015% - $225
Utilities/Insurance3% - $22.503% - $303% - $45
Admin Fees2% - $15.002% - $202% - $30
Royalty Fees4% - $30.004% - $404% - $60
Total Costs$427.50$570$645
Total Profit Daily$322.50$430$855
Avg. Monthly Profit$9,675$12,900$19,350

The numbers shown above are our monthly averages around the world depending on size and type of Arabica concept being used. Arabica corporate office cannot guarantee this profit for every location but if our systems of operation are followed correctly it greatly increases your chances of success.

Arabica Coffee House - Start your own business franchise opportunity
Requirements to buy the arabica coffee house franchise
  • Must have qualified people to operate daily business
Requirements for the room
  • Water, drains, 220 electric with 3 phase capability, bathrooms
  • Coffee kiosk – up to 300 square feet
  • Café – 15 to 49 seats up to 1500 square feet
  • Coffee house over 50 seats and up to 3000 square feet
Interested development regions
  • World outside USA

Franchise advantages

Low fixed costs, top quality products, superior training and follow up.

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Arabica Coffee House - Franchise Opportunities
Arabica Coffee House - Franchise for Sale
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