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Description of the franchise Walk Cafe Tasty Thai

Our fast-food is of restaurant quality, we have a diverse menu of unique dishes, quick cooking noodles and à la minute rolls, an open kitchen design with an exclusive equipment line, branded product layout, a bright, recognizable design.

asian food franchise Walk Cafe Tasty Thai

Franchise offer

We offer to open a cafe of Thai and Asian cuisine with full technical support, a brand design, a layout design, a well-established good menu, document circulation system, suppliers, branded packaging and uniform, full assistance in establishing and launching the cafe.

asian food franchise Walk Cafe Tasty Thai
Franchise opportunities - Tasty Thai
Franchise for Sale - Tasty Thai

How much does Tasty Thai franchise cost?

Tasty Thai has the franchise fee of up to $5,000, with total initial investment from $25,000.

Initial investments:

  • Food court - from $25,000;
  • Pavilion from - from $50,000;
  • Restaurant - from $100,000.

Payback period: from 10 months.
Monthly turnover appr: from $16,700.
Royalties: 5% of monthly turnover
Lump-sum payment: $5,000.
The right to use the brand, network automation, database of suppliers, project design, technological project, equipment and inventory selection, full brand book of the company.

Other current payments: from $7,500.
Rent, taxes, salaries, products and goods, packaging, utility payments, commissions.

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Business model

Sales of turnover: noodles 60%, rolls 20%, salads and lunch 5%, drinks 15%.

The trading margin is 210% including packaging, the cost price of products is 30-35% of turnover, profit 10-20% of turnover.

Tasty Thai - Successful Franchise Business
Requirements to buy the franchise
  • Comply with the standards of a franchisee and contract conditions, keep to cooking technologies and products quality control;
  • Remote network control of turnover (cash) and movement of funds, a book of complaints and proposals, reporting;
  • Availability of the necessary funds for buying the franchise and opening a cafe of a chosen format;
  • Willingness and readiness to develop the chain.
Requirements for the room
  • Food court: 20 - 50 m², width of distribution is not less than 2.5 m, 25-40 kW power supply, water / sewerage, combined extract and input ventilation;
  • Pavilion: 50 - 100 m², 35-60 kW power supply, water / sewerage, combined extract and input ventilation;
  • Restaurant: 100 - 300 m², 60-90 kW power supply, water / sewerage, combined extract and input ventilation.
  • Food court, pavilion, restaurant fast food.

    Franchise Advantages

    Original tasty dishes from chefs of Moscow top restaurants on a menu list;
    High-quality products;
    Fast service an opportunity to open a turnkey restaurant.

    Best Franchise to Open - Tasty Thai
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