Autostone Tyre & Wheel – Franchise Opportunity

About Us

Autostone Tyre & Wheel is a brand of Autostone Group part of Davis Group Limited , which is starting its operation in the Greater London area and Will quickly established itself as a quality One-stop-shop Shop services provider to both private and business customers as well as motor insurance industry.

At Autostone we believe in the fair treatment of and quality service for all our customers and franchisees. Building on our existing experience, we aim to become the first national franchised One-Stop-Shop Automotive Part of Autostone network and industry leaders by working closely with and supporting our franchise partners within Autostone Network.

The Opportunity

Autostone is expanding its Autostone Tyre & Wheel operation through launching a franchised network. With over 30 million cars on the UK roads, this industry is currently estimated to be worth £5 billion and represents a great opportunity for enthusiastic and driven individuals and businesses alike who want to succeed and be in control of their earnings potential.

What Is Autostone Tyre & Wheel Franchise?

Autostone Tyre & Wheel Repair is a Fully mobile repair operation. We offer a Static & van-based business opportunity where, as a franchisee, you will operate your own business in an exclusive to your territory and work the hours suitable for you under the brand and business model of Autostone . We refer to and treat our franchisees as Partners” because we work in partnership with them for everyone’s mutual benefit.

Autostone Tyre & Wheel – Franchise Opportunity

What’s In This For You

At Autostone we understand what it takes to start and run a business. The Annual NatWest/BFA (British Franchise Association) 2012 Survey reports that 89% of franchisees across all sectors run profitable businesses in comparison to their counterparts starting and operating stand-alone businesses.

Central Marketing & Lead GenerationAs all of our partner franchisees, you will be generating the majority of your leads through marketing your business locally. We will provide you with designs and marketing materials as well as training and support to effectively promote, build and establish your business. We also market all of our franchisees’ businesses as one by promoting and raising awareness of the Autostone brand nationwide through our network of contacts and by employing existing technologies and media. As we already have existing relationships within the motor insurance industry as well as other sectors, we are in a unique position to provide some leads to individual franchisees as they arise. We also expect the number of such leads to rise in the future as our network grows and relationship with our national customers strengthens and widens as a result of it
Central Order Processing and BillingTo help simplify processes for our partner franchisees, to maximise potential of your business and to reduce some administrative burden, we undertake all your order processing and customer billing. This means that you won’t need to spend hours of raising invoices and reconciling your records as we do it for you and you can access all details on our system. This also allows you to free your time to concentrate on what is more important to you and your business – obtaining more customers or simply using that time to spend with your family and friends
Central Purchasing & SourcingOver the years, we worked with a number of suppliers and tested numerous materials. As such, we’ve identified the best and most suitable materials and equipment as well as built relationships with trusted suppliers. As a franchisee, you will benefit from saving time and money by using all our experience and established connections. You will benefit from our one-point ordering system as well as discounted prices for materials and services we negotiate with suppliers
Reduced AdministrationAs we undertake your order processing, billing, sourcing suppliers and purchasing, you will have more time to focus on your business and save money at the same time
IndependenceAs a partner franchisee with Autostone Tyre & Wheel , you will be running your own exclusive to your territory business whilst benefiting from a wider network of like-minded business owners, their experience and knowledge to help you build and run a successful business. Once you run your own business, you won’t want to work for anyone else as you’ll enjoy your independence
Control of Your IncomeAutostone Tyre & Wheel franchise model allows our partner franchisees to take control of their earnings potential. By using our methodology and training and depending on the time and effort you are willing to invest in your business, you could take control of and influence your income
Exclusive TerritoryAs a partner franchisee, you will benefit from exclusive territory rights for your Tyres/ Alloy refurbishment Centre franchise to maximise your business’s earnings potential. This means that you will be able to establish long-term relationships with your customers and the reputation of your business to ensure return business. Depending on your location and demographics, your territory will typically consist of a population of 250,000 – 500,000 people to ensure that you have more than enough customers
Operation ManualIn addition to your full training programme, technical support and help line you will receive a comprehensive Operation Manual to help you run your franchise efficiently
Group Insurance Policy & Breakdown CoverThe cost of insurance is constantly increasing and in order to find a comprehensive cover at a reasonable price, you may need to spend some time searching the net and talking to various insurance companies and brokers. The good news is we are currently negotiating a Group Insurance Policy that you could join to save you time and money. In addition to that, we are also negotiating a Group Breakdown Cover, for life’s little surprises when your van refuses to work. So you can have a peace of mind that you are fully protected!

Who Is Suitable for Autostone Tyre & Wheel Franchise

Whilst little or no experience is necessary to operate Autostone Tyre & Wheel franchise as we provide our partner franchisees with all the tools and skills required, to fit with our business model you will be enthusiastic, self-motivated and driven to succeed; you will be willing to learn and work in partnership with us and your peers to develop and grow your business and through it the Autostone brand as a whole.

Your Investment

Although AutostoneTyre & Wheel is a new and young business, we are ambitious in growing and expanding our business model through the contribution and success of partner franchisees that join our network and provide them with all the support they require.

Whilst we are at the early stages of establishing and growing the franchise, this provides a great opportunity for you to play a key role in shaping the future of Autostone Tyre & Wheel . As such, we currently offer an exclusive preferential package to new partner franchisees, which is limited to a small number of individuals.

Your investment in Autostone Tyre & Wheel ’ package will be from £30,000.00 + V.A.T., which includes your Franchise Agreement, full training with Automotive Technician Accreditation, your start-up stock and marketing materials, branded uniform kit and a comprehensive Operation Manual Full training on Autostone Network Via PDA system for Autostone central control centre. You will need a further investment in equipment of approximately £4,000-£18,000 (including a van and depending on whether you have an existing van, its condition or if you need a new van). We might also be able to help you reduce the initial financial outlay by spreading the costs over a period of time (subject to your personal circumstances).

In addition to the above, we charge 10% of your turn over.

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Autostone Tyre & Wheel

The Term

We are confident that as an Autostone Tyre & Wheel partner franchisee you will enjoy our business model and working with us and as such we offer an exclusive and limited package for initial term of 5 years, after which you will have the right to extend your Franchise Agreement for a further 5 years with no franchise agreement Renewal Fee.

What To Do Next

If you feel that this opportunity is for you and would like to find out more about how to become an Autostone Tyre & Wheel franchisee, then contact us to discuss how we can work together to help you start and run your own Autostone Tyre & Wheel business.

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