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Bari-Uma Ramen Franchise Opportunities

BARI-UMA special are our soups that we send directly from Japan, our noodles made fresh in each shop, and our perfectly grilled char-siu pork, and these are also the reasons why we would like persons all across the globe to enjoy our ramen. BARI-UMA was established in 2003 in Hiroshima. Currently, we have 65 stores in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and are aiming for 200 stores globally within 5 years.

How much does Bari-Uma Ramen franchise cost?

Bari-Uma Ramen has the franchise fee of up to $18,200, with total initial investment range of $364,000.

Initial Investment and Startup Costs

Type of expenditure Cost
Year of Establishment May 1992
Country of Origin Japan
Business Type Food & Beverage
No. of Directly Operated Units in Japan & Overseas 15 (in Japan), 2 (overseas)
No. of Franchise Units in Japan 50
No. of Franchise Units Overseas 8
Franchise Type Franchise contract
Target country(s)/region(s) tdailand, Vietnam, Australia, USA, EU countries
Preferable City Name(s) -
Franchise Fee Contract money 2 million yen(approx. USD18200) * Contract fee is only for tde first unit, no need after tde second unit.
Royalty Fee 5%
Marketing Fund -
Franchise Term 5 years
Size of Unit (sqm) 100 sqm (1076 sqf)
Estimated Setup Cost (Investment) 40 million yen (approx. USD364000)
Bari-Uma Ramen Franchise

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